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Write Amazon reviews of new Zapruder Book. NOW! It is selling
like hotcakes.

All the good work done by the "JFK assassination ""Community"" is undone when we let bs books like this get MSM saturation coverage and never respond to it in A WAY THAT MIGHT GIVE GENERAL READERS ACCESS TO REAL STUFF.

We keep ourselves moated.

Also please get some reviews up of the horrible RFK book that came out over the summer. Because not enough one star reviews, this book is STILL SELLING LIKE HOTCAKES ON AMAZON and will be very very very very very widely gifted-at-Weird-Uncles this Christmas.

Access ramps. Not just for ______________ anymore.
Could you please name the book-titles you are referring to, and, better, a link to the books on Amazon.
#4 for the horrible RFK book which has only one or two decent one star reviews, the rest look silly. What is the overall effect of that?

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