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New book on QJ/WIN coming from Ralph Ganis, HP Albarelli Jr, and Dick Russell
Saw discussion of this on Douglas Valentine's Facebook page. The book is out November, so will be one of the anniversary book releases for this year. It does look more interesting than most.

Quote:QJ/WIN: Who Killed Kennedy and Why

By Ralph Ganis, HP Albarelli Jr.
Introduction by Dick Russell

Skyhorse Publishing,
November 21[SUP]st[/SUP] 2017, 368 pages

A groundbreaking investigation of the assassination of JFK that reveals collusion between a former Nazi and members of the U.S. Army and CIA.

In QJ/WIN, Ralph Ganis and H.P. Albarelli, Jr. investigate one of the most important but elusive figures in the conspiracy to kill President Kennedy, who for decades has been known solely by his titular initials. By acquiring and translating previously unavailable documents, shared in this book, they have uncovered the identity of this central figure in the conspiracy. They also unpack his heretofore unexplored background―a former Nazi SS officer recruited by members of the American deep state to train paramilitaries and other special forces, who would eventually assassinate our 35th president. In so doing, Ganis and Albarelli unmask the collusion of high ranking officials in both the Pentagon and CIA in the Kennedy assassination, and the extensive efforts to obfuscate the involvement of its chief conspirators. QJ/WIN is essential reading for anyone who wishes to understand this critical historical moment.

I'm keeping an open mind about this one. If the research seems credible, it'll be worth looking at the overall picture in light of William Kelly's pieces on Operation Valkyrie and the connections to Dealey Plaza. Likewise, based on Talbot's THE DEVIL'S CHESSBOARD, the covert use of Nazi collaborators would not be out of character for Allen Dulles.

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