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JFK Body Doubles?

From the Joseph Milteer-William Somersett tape, Nov. 9, 1963

MILTEER: The more bodyguards he has, the easier it is to get him.

MILTEER: The more bodyguards he has the more easier it is to get him.
SOMERSETT: Well how in the hell do you figure would be the best way to get him?
MILTEER: From an office building with a high-powered rifle, how many people [room noise--tape not legible] does he have going around who look just like him? Do you know about that?
SOMERSETT: No, I never heard that he had anybody.
MILTEER: He has got them.
MILTEER: He has about fifteen. Whenever he goes any place they [not legible] he knows he is a marked man.
SOMERSETT: You think he knows he is a marked man?
MILTEER: Sure he does.
Peter Lemkin Wrote:
David Andrews Wrote:
Ray Mitcham Wrote:
John Knoble Wrote:Has anyone ever heard of JFK having a body double, and if so their names?
Don't know about a body double, John, but this might be of interest.

The video brings up an interesting point about the "Stare of Death" photo. One would think that, out of respect and with concern for the body, the Parkland doctors would have closed the eyes before they wrapped the head in a sheet and put it in the Dallas coffin. Why are the eyes open at Bethesda? A pre-autopsy procedure? Is it possible to have both eyes roughly equally open in a natural "stare" at that time after bodily death?

You've been watching too many movies. The eyes are not closed by doctors almost ever. If it is done, it is done by those in the mortuaries - who do all sorts of unnatural things to the body, especially those who died violently. It is well known that the specialist who was sent to the mortuary to deal with JFK's body did extensive reconstruction work to further hide the lies about the shots, direction of shots, wounds and faked autopsy 'results'. No forensic pathologists or doctors working on this case [from the side of finding the truth and not covering it up], such as Dr. Cyril Wecht have ever mentioned anything wrong with that photo vis-a-vis the eyes. There is a lot of crap on youtube - be careful - some put there by those who know little and some put there with your tax dollars by those who are still covering up the crime and coup d'etat.

Father Huber,

""He [JFK] was covered with a sheet, and I removed it just about half way down his face that I might administer the last rites of the church to him. His eyes were CLOSED and I could recognize from pictures I have seen."

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