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Freeport Sulphur, the Castro Plots, and the Indonesia Coup
Scott Kaiser Wrote:Thought you might find this interesting.

Everyone knows there was coup in 1965 in Indonesia. Richard Bissell, one of the men who resigned after the Bay of Pigs and testified of knowing about the two assassination plots against Lumumba and Sukarno, he said, the company had "absolutely nothing" to do with them. We know that Sukarno died due to failing health, kidney failure, or so they say, but here's the million dollar question, do you believe Bissell's testimony?

But, wait a minute, if Bissell resigned in 1961 and became head of the Institute of Defense Analyses (IDA) in 1962, and Sukarno died in 1970, just why was Bissell testifying on behalf of Sukarno's death?

There's a lot more to this then what Lisa dug up I can assure you that much.

I have asked you directly, and why you refuse to answer my qquestion is anyone's guess. I asked if you could give me a direct answer to your statement when you said "Sukarno's overthrow in Indonesia was related to Kennedy's murder you are correct, you and Lisa may have no idea how correct you are, and I've been giving you the answer all along. I suppose you just don't want to repeat it. What does the overthrow of Sukarno and JFK have in common? The CIA...

I wasn't trying to bust your chops Jim, I just wanted to share what the two have in common, gee, and I thought you were going to say it.​
Guess what Jim, the CIA also says they didn't kill my father either, or in their own words, they have no information about Kaiser, or knew that he was working aboard a vessel, they're full of shit Jim.
Imagine that, Richard Bissell said; and I quote. "The agency had [absolutely nothing] to do with Sukarno's death." Sukarno died 1970, why would Bissell have to testify regarding president Sukarno who died several years [after] Bissell resigned?

Most importantly, why would the case officer fail to keep his appointment with the Commission investigating this matter? I don't have to speculate to be correct, all I have to do, is be correct.
I also believe that Lumumba wasn't a threat to the Belgium government, but he was to the CIA. So, if you want to chalk up Cuba, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bolivia, Iran and the Congo. It really was happening all over the world, there was always someone supporting these coups, paying these governments to carry out their assassinations. The agency is always behind the scenes, recruiting assets, never willing to accept responsibility, but always willing to change the world. "Plausible Deniability" defines them best.
I already named two things that occurred after Kennedy was killed which can be considered maneuverings for the coup in 1965. If you wish to ignore them, fine. That is on you.

I then mentioned how it was then discovered that there was information communicated in intel circles in 1964, that soon Indonesia would fall into the hands of the west. You ignore that. I cannot recite Lisa's article to you. If you do not wish to read it, again that is on you.

I have no idea what you mean about Iran since that took place when Kennedy was a first year senator. So it has nothing at all to do with what I am talking about.
Jim, you seem to be having some trouble. I think you have to understand something:

"We'll know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American public believes is false." --William J. Casey, D.C.I

"We will lead every revolution against us." --Theodore Herzl
Oh, thanks Lauren.

I never liked those movies though. But I get the point.
Jim DiEugenio Wrote:Oh, thanks Lauren.

I never liked those movies though. But I get the point.

If you got the point, you would've stopped trying to bend the spoon. You need to stop trying to bend the spoon Jim, that's impossible (instead, only try to realize the truth.) What truth you ask?

"I then mentioned how it was then discovered that there was information communicated in intel circles in 1964." And, much earlier.

"I have no idea what you mean about Iran since that took place when Kennedy was a first year senator." Open your mind Jim, open your mind, not your eyes.

This is not about you and me or we, it's not about my father, why did I mention the Congo and Bolivia too? Not just Iran, Iran's coup happened in 1953, it's not about JFK either!

Try to imagine there is no spoon, then you'll see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself, Sir I. I meant to say I've tried to help you, please... Don't get offensive if I do not read your articular, it's not that I choose to ignore them, it's just that I choose not to read them.

There are even coups that have long taken place before Jack was in office, which you know those coups have nothing related to Jack's direct murder. Each coup is carefully designed and planned for its own, but each coup including Jack's murder also has one thing in common, they are all related, and I will say it again, the [CIA.]

Now, bend the spoon Jim, and go see the Oracle.
A prefect example of Plausible deniability is when the company creates cables saying they notified the FAA, airport security and U.S. Customs regarding a possible felon flying off to another country under a forged passport. A perfect example of Plausible deniability is when the company creates cables saying that this person called U.S. Customs in March or April and telling Customs he anticipated "getting into trouble." A prefect example of Plausible deniability is when the agency gets their dates all screwed up, and someone proves it would have been impossible for this man to call U.S. Customs and confess such a statement, why? Because this man was already in custody as of March 2, in another country.

Imagine, what if there would have been another coup while that man was there, how easy would it have been for the company to claim Plausible deniability? After all, he was a man without a county, and they already dirtied up their cables.

Jack's assassination was related to one thing since the inception of the company, and it was the company that made sure Jack was taken care of.
Very quickly, before I go to bed.

In short order, after Kennedy is killed:

1. LBJ refuses to sign the aid bill that was on Kennedy's desk for Sukarno.

2. LBJ makes clear he will not make the state trip to Jakarta, that Kennedy had agreed to in order to stop Konfrontasi with the British and Malaysia. This was a terrible blow to Sukarno, since it left him exposed externally, thereby exposing him to an internal coup. (Sukarno was actually going to build an estate for JFK's visit. He openly wept when he got the news of Kennedy's death.)

3. Jock Whitney, the founder of Freeport Sulphur and a big Rockefeller ally, a man worth 700 million dollars in 1963--over five billion today--went to work as a copy boy at his newspaper, the New York Herald Tribune, the night Kennedy was killed. And that paper penned the first "Oswald was a sociopath" editorial on the JFK hit. (IMO, this was both professional--as part of the cover up--and personal. For after JFK was inaugurated, he sent Whitney, ambassador to England, a three word termination telegram: " Jock, Pack, Jack".)

4. Gus Long, a big wheel for Texaco, Caltex and Freeport, sets up a committee of "independents for Johnson", which is really Wall Streeters for LBJ. When LBJ wins, he puts Long on the FIAB, which approves covert actions. At this point, the overthrow of Sukarno was only 8 months off.

Almost all of this is in Lisa's article. The rest is in Poulgrain's book or the second edition of Destiny Betrayed. ​This is what I mean. JFK's murder set the stage for Sukarno's overthrow.

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