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Escalante's Mafia/Cuban/CIA Mechanism
A really interesting essay with visual supplements is just up at Kennedys and King.

Canadian researcher Paul Bleau has put together a multi sourced piece about the connections between the CIA, the Mob and Cuban exiles that pre-existed prior to the Kennedy assassination.

And he then tries to connect those to actual players in the coup itself. This idea, of course, is not new. It goes back to Jim Garrison who explicitly voiced it in the seventies but had been playing around with it long before. Fabian Escalante is one of the foremost advocates of this concept of the case. But Paul really examines it extensively here.
Really solid stuff. Bleau's articles keep getting getting better and better. I've been waiting for a readable, up to date summary of this topic for a while, and this is it.
Thanks Anthony.

I think its really good also. Very informative about how the association worked together.

God, what a three headed hydra the CIA created.
VERY good article! Add in the Nazis and fascist connections Dulles and others had and you really start to have the wider cast of characters - but he is concentrating on a solid part of the plot and does a good job at that....I'm just pointing out I believe it was all he talks about / the people he talks about - and some others: poor-white-trash-Right-Wingers; Ultra-Rich/Right; WW2 Nazis and assorted US and European fascists; Lemnitzer; May; some Dallas PD, some USSS; some Mil. Intel. units; Willoughby; Lansdale. A few in the White House and some in State, and quite a few assorted others - quite the GRAND conspiracy/coup - and quite the continuing cover-up.......but coming undone to those who care to look and are not afraid of the consequences of knowing the truth!
"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws. - Mayer Rothschild
"Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience! People are obedient in the face of poverty, starvation, stupidity, war, and cruelty. Our problem is that grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem!" - Howard Zinn
"If there is no struggle there is no progress. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and never will" - Frederick Douglass
I just made a startling discovery. It relates to Gestapo Chief Heinrich Muller and the JFK assassination:

  1. In the book Gestapochef Heinrich Muller by Joachim Bornschein, published in 2004, Bornschein reports at page 146 that USAREUR (United States Army in Europe Command) Intelligence Division generated the only known document describing the post-World War II flight and travel history of former head of the Gestapo, Heinrich Muller, either in US files or in German files.
  2. This document was generated on November 19, 1963.
  3. The location of the USAREUR Intelligence Headquarters was at Metz, France, as near as I can determine. There was an Intelligence Department at Metz France and Metz was under the Command of USAREUR. The very top commander (two levels up) would have been NATO SACEUR Gen. Lyman Leminitzer.
  4. It was in Metz, France was where US Army Intelligence agent Eugene B. Dinkin made his frantic and futile attempt to foil the JFK Assassination in October and November, 1963.
  5. Dinkin had learned of the exact date of the JFK Assassination days or even weeks in advance of 11-22-63 and identified the culprits as "military and right-wing interests."
  6. The above described document involved information compiled by both US Army Intelligence and also the West German "Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (their FBI). This book by Bornschein is written in German. The words "unter Berufung" is used to describe the production of the document. This means "assignment" or "project" in English. Implicitly, this suggests that the document was the result of a co-equal effort involving cooperation between US Army Intelligence in Europe and the West German FBI.
  7. In the book Martin Bormann, Nazi in Exile by Paul Manning, the author writes that Gestapo Chief Heinrich Muller was the man who was the protector of world-wide ex-Nazis. Muller would pay for and arrange for the murder of anyone who posed a threat to any of the Nazis in the worldwide network, most of which was in Argentina and Spain.
  8. In September, 1963, the phony grave of Muller was excavated in Berlin by the West Berlin's Prosecutor's Office and it was found to contain a body which was not Muller's.
  9. An arrest warrant was reopened on Muller by German authorities about this time in order to extend the relevant statute of limitations regarding Muller.
  10. Muller was proven to have been interrogated by the US Army after the war and many believe that he worked (off-and-on) for the CIA or Military Intelligence from 1945 on, perhaps for the rest of his life. He apparently lived at least until 1982. His right-hand man, Horst Kopkow of the Gestapo is acknowledged to have worked for years for the UK intelligence, even into the 1960's.
  11. Author Bornstein writes that Liberals in the US believed that Muller had been in the US under an assumed name and that he had been given the rank of Brigadier General in the US Army during his collaboration with US Intelligence.
  12. Israel had been surveilling Muller's relatives in 1958. Eichmann was put on trial in Israel in 1961. The Auschwitz Trial was taking place in Germany in 1963. This potentially involved chemical giant I G Farben corporation.
  13. The Office of the Public Prosecutor of West Berlin was apparently accountable to the Four Powers of Occupation in West Berlin, since West Berlin was not legally part of West Germany. It was this West Berlin prosecutor who had re-opened the Muller case.

The above information paints the picture of this US Army Intelligence Office covering their flanks by documenting their version of the story of Muller. At the same time, one of their cryptographers, Dinkin, had information on the precise perpetrators of the JFK assassination and he knew the actual date for the assassination. He was discussing these issues with fellow (enlisted) agents at this same office in October and November, 1963. If the JFK plot was compartmentalized, then the compartments apparently came together in Metz, France or thereabouts. That's why only Eugene B Dinkin has ever specifically named the culprits.

All of the above points to two conclusions: (a) Allen Dulles did not want Muller to be captured or tried due to the CIA and Military Intelligence connection to Muller, (b) since Muller was the "guardian angel" of the escaped Nazis and paid for murders to protect them, then the precipitating cause (though not the only cause) of the assassination may have been to protect the ex-Nazis from JFK and his "Liberal" Nazi-hunting friends.

James Lateer

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