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Gil Jesus Backs FBI Lies Against Important Witness Carolyn Arnold
Gil Jesus is attacking important Conspiracy witness Carolyn Arnold and he is using FBI lies to do so...

In 1978 Dallas Morning News Reporter Earl Golz met Carolyn Arnold and showed her her FBI statement for the first time since the assassination...The FBI quoted Carolyn as saying she caught a glimpse of Oswald in the Lobby at 12:15...Carolyn vehemently protested to Golz that she never said that and that she told them she had seen Oswald eating lunch alone at 12:25 in the 2nd Floor Lunch Room...Indeed, in the one March 1964 FBI statement that Carolyn was allowed to proofread the time of 12:25 was given...

Carolyn had explained to Golz that she was 9 months pregnant and was in the habit of getting drinks of water from the 2nd Floor clerical Lunch Room...Carolyn told Golz that, because of her pregnancy, and not wanting to stand too long in the sun, she delayed going out to watch the motorcade to the last moment and decided to get a drink of water before going out front...When she ducked-in to the 2nd Floor Lunch Room to get that drink she saw Oswald sitting at his usual spot alone eating lunch...The time was 12:25...

Gil Jesus is posting the FBI's lies that were used to cover-up Carolyn Arnold's real witnessing on Alt.Conspiracy.JFK and the Education Forum...He gets no resistance whatsoever from people who call themselves Conspiracy Researchers on those forums...By staying silent those CT researchers are failing to obey what the Deep Politics Forum was designed for...DPF was designed to counter the wrongful moderation being practiced at the Education Forum...Because of that wrongful moderation I am not allowed to go use the Education Forum for its purpose and raise a discussion on the evidence involved with Carolyn Arnold...This is one of the most important debates the Education Forum could ever host but it is being pre-emptively disallowed in order to serve the likes of the favored CT researchers over there...Don't forget that the Education Forum hosts and gives equal rights to Lone Nutters...

The JFK internet is seriously dysfunctional because even if I did post a debate about Carolyn Arnold it would be intentionally unparticipated in by those favored researchers...Those researchers fail to account for their enthusiastic support of the Education Forum and its moderation...The full evidence involved with Carolyn Arnold shows beyond a doubt that she witnessed something that was damning to the cover-up so the FBI lied and altered her statement in order to push her witnessing down to the 1st Floor where it could be discredited...And here you have so-called CT researcher Gil Jesus backing the FBI's lies and doing so against one of the most important Conspiracy witnesses...Just the fact Carolyn Arnold was never interviewed again to find out more about it tells you it was dangerous and true...After 1978 she never spoke about it again - which bespeaks serious intimidation and witness coercion - with Gil Jesus taking the side of the intimidators and their lies...With all this in mind Gil gets warm welcome and back slaps from the clique...I get universally rejected and if I brought this debate to the Education Forum those who had the information that proved me correct would with-hold it, the whole time calling themselves Conspiracy researchers...

To add insult to injury I discovered something incredibly important when I discovered Sarah Stanton hearing Oswald say he intended to go back in to the "Break Room" and not accompany Stanton down to watch the motorcade...Obviously that Break Room was the 2nd Floor Lunch Room where Carolyn Arnold would see Oswald moments later, therefore corroborating each other's witnessing...Gil and the Education Forum completely ignore this ground-breaking discovery...The normal rules of the game show that CT researchers have badly betrayed their own cause in order to perpetuate their petty spite and friendships over good research...It is amazing that people who call themselves Conspiracy researchers and moderators would leave someone who discovered something that important hanging, flapping out in the cold wind just so they could enforce their own personal spite - and do so because that researcher disproved Greg Parker's nutty Prayer Man theory...

It's a pretty pathetic research world out there with apparently no limit to the depths some will go or hypocrisy...

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