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Current Education Forum Prayer Man Thread
Because James Gordon is banning anyone who effectively refutes the Prayer Man theory the current thread is dwelling on the inane and is offering a very low level of evidence analysis...Pat Speer and his unstudied offhand comments are now being forced as the main opposition...Pat avoids just about all of the best proof with Gordon's full approval and support...

Jeremy Bojczuk has attempted a specious pseudo-analysis of pixels and photo science in order to proclaim that better scans might actually bring out Oswald as Prayer Man...However there isn't one member on that forum who has the courage or decency to point-out to Bojzcuk that the present images at their present pixel rate are more than adequate to show basic things like Prayer Man's height...Bojzcuk is a bullshit artist who is trying to bedazzle you with technical argument...However he is doing so for the deceptive purpose of avoiding discussion of Prayer Man's height, which, if Bojzcuk had any sincere respect for the technical science he hails to, he would point-out in order to honestly resolve the evidence...Look at all the false entries in that Prayer Man thread and show me anyone who mentions the basic issue of Prayer Man's height, that is more than adequately represented at the current technical level in the photography...

Stancak is allowed to lie and say Pauline Sanders is not seen in Altgens when in fact it was Stancak himself who found Sanders in between Lovelady & Shelley in Altgens 6...No one is pointing-out to Stancak that once he found Sanders that it forces Prayer Man to be Stanton since there were only two women on the top platform at the time...

Ultimately Larsen and Gordon are in contempt of the evidence, and in contempt of credible JFK moderation, because they refuse to call for Peer Review on Davidson...Bojzcuk is allowed to lie and say the current images are inadequate...Not so...Davidson credibly represents, at a technical level, those better images and does credibly satisfy the definition of better images in his enhancement of Wiegman and Darnell...The Education Forum is hijacking the subject with inadequate analyses in order to avoid credible Peer Review of Davidson that will, resoundingly, show that Davidson is valid, are those better images, and does prove Prayer Man is Stanton...
A troll named "Alan Ford" from the mentally ill website adminstrator Duncan MacRae's forum has gone on the Education Forum and posted a clear frame from the Darnell film that clearly depicts a woman's dress neckline on Prayer Man...That image is legitimate and does prove that Prayer Man is Sarah Stanton, however the troll Ford is then using the legitimacy of that new evidence as a means to post some crazy Cinque-like claims...This is the dysfunction and mental illness of the JFK internet and MacRae's nut site bleeding through along with the good evidence...

Predictably, the Prayer Man backers are denying the new Darnell image and its woman's neckline...In combination with the previous Davidson enhancement of Wiegman, this new proof further refutes the already-refuted Prayer Man theory...The current Prayer Man-hijacked JFK research community deals from the dishonest perspective of once you hijack the forums you might as well take advanatage of it to ignore good evidence...And that's what they are doing here...There is nothing wrong with that new clear Darnell frame that shows a woman's dress neckline on Prayer Man...In fact it could be easily proven by obtaining the original Darnell film and reproducing the exact same image...Same for Davidson in Wiegman...The Prayer Man clique is dishonest so no one is looking at other frames to see if they can pick up that neckline...I myself have found the same neckline in some of the other more blurry frames...

The research community continues to discredit itself by simply supporting anything Jim DiEugenio posts...I'm afraid that holds true for this website as well that continues to give one star ratings to the best material out there...

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