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"Critical Thinking about Conspiracy Theories"
"Critical Thinking about Conspiracy Theories" (Portland, 11 December 2009; two hour video)

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Discussion about JFK, 9/11, Wellstone, and related matters
Jim: When I saw this in the 9-11 section I thought it would be a talk just about 9-11. Do you have one you could post? Or the best site to recommend? (I just asked Jack the same question).

Did you see Jesse Ventura's show on 9-11 two weeks ago?
Thoughtst? Merci.

Dawn, Yes, on the 11th in Portland, I gave this presentation about thinking critically about conspiracy theories. On the 12th in Portland, I gave a second about "What Happened to JFK--and Why it Matters Today?" On the 13th in Seattle, I gave a third, "Was 9/11 an 'Inside Job'?", which I will link as soon as it is posted. In the meanwhile, you can find my Buenos Aires Powerpoint at by scrolling down the home page. It's right at mid-page. I had thought the new talk would be up by now. I have added to it. Jesse's show, I thought, was superficial. If you watched this one (on thinking about conspiracy theories), you will see I have doubts about the sufficiency of thermite / thermate / nano-thermite to turn the towers into dust, where the mini-experiment--allegedly with nano-thermite--seemed to take longer to cut the steel than it took for the towers to be destroyed. I will check it out and have it up at the earliest opportunity. Thanks for asking.

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