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MEDIA BETRAYAL: $30 Million handed out to blame Oswald

by Judyth Vary Baker

[Note by JHF: This is a slightly edited version of an attachment I received today from Judyth, which she suggested be widely posted. I have edited out a few links to the same photos and diagrams archived on a site of mine that were not working, edited a promo by Bill Kelly from a post she cited, and added several notes to clarify some important issues. While Judyth's historical significance derives from her role as a witness to events in New Orleans for several months before the assassination, she has also proven adept at research, including a study of the backyard photographs, which is archived here: ]

Dale Myers has consistently supported multiple efforts, beginning as early as to prove Lee Harvey Oswald killed President Kennedy with a bullet from the “sniper’s nest” in the Texas School Book Depository Building (TSBD). He didn’t do his work for free.

Myers’ work has been consistently praised by the media: he won an Emmy for “Outstanding Individual Achievement in Graphic and Artistic design” in “Peter Jennings Reporting: The Kennedy Assassination –Beyond Conspiracy “(2003) for his computer animation efforts. Later, he reconstructed the Kennedy assassination for the 40th anniversary of the assassination, using sophisticated computer graphics, where the Zapruder film was cited as the defining resource of information. As usual, the Myers-inspired TV special proclaimed that Kennedy was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald.

The TV special never mentioned that the Zapruder film had been altered.

There are good researchers out there who still try to defend the film as unaltered, even though everyone can see two places in it where the film obviously was cut, just for starters. If you want to know the truth about the Zapruder film, save tons of time by using The Great Zapruder Film Hoax
, edited by Dr. James Fetzer, as your info source, along with the five fine books written by Duglas Horne of the ARRB (Assassinations Records Review Board, an official government investigative body created after a public outcry resulted from Oliver Stone’s film JFK). Horne’s Inside the ARRB are a must-read, proving how autopsy photos on Kennedy were altered, and more.

Horne also tells us how Hollywood film restoration experts examined the Zapruder film at an unprecedented 6000 pixels per square inch, discovering that some frames had been retouched. The back of Kennedy’s head was painted black, hiding a blow-out of the back of the head. There is no longer any doubt that this paint job was an attempt to disguise a bullet-strike from the front that blew out the back of Kennedy’s head, just as the doctors and nurses at Parkland Hospital, where Kennedy was taken, testified.

So much is WRONG about what we have been told by the government about Kennedy’s murder –and in particular, about the Zapruder film and Kennedy’s autopsy – not to mention that Kennedy’s brain disappeared, so that nobody can examine it to see which direction a bullet went – that those defending the Warren Commission’s conclusions on the Internet, in films, or in big books should be considered enemies of the state.

I carefully examined Dale Myers’ reconstruction of Kennedy and Connally in the limo in Dealey Plaza, and found many errors in measurement. Here is just a single example:

Measure JFK ‘s size [smaller, compared to Connally] as created by Myers. Note width of Connally’s shoulders are shown wider than JFK’s . Connally is shown by Meyers as same height as JFK in the car, making Connally’s shoulder higher than it would have been, in order to have the bullet hit the ‘right’ spot.

Here’s another photo: note Kennedy’ s height versus Connally’s is seen here, as well. Connally’s shoulder as created by Meyers is simply placed too high – but it HAD to be placed higher to match the known entry point of Connally’s bullet wound.

The Meyer reconstruction shows a bullet entering Kennedy’s lower neck and exiting through the throat. That didn’t happen
. First, the bullet entered lower, as even the FBI’’s re-enactment photos showed (but then, the bullet couldn’t have come from Oswald’s “snper’s nest” –it’s moving to the right, not to the left!):

Therefore, the “official” description had to show the bullet hole moved up.

As reported in “Gerald Ford's Terrible Fiction:
Moving the Back Wound and the Single Bullet Theory” [ ]:

“JFK assassination eye-witnesses, including the observations of at least one Secret Service man in Dealey Plaza and several FBI agents present at the Bethesda autopsy, placed the president's back wound exactly where the mute testimony of the president's jacket and shirt showed where the wound was: six inches below the collar line[/FONT]
.[/FONT]”[/FONT] [Note by JVB: a “jacket-bunching” theory pushed by Warren Commission apologists tries to explain away this fact, even though the actual location of the bullet hole tells us that it was not located in JFK’s lower neck.--Second Note by JHF: I discuss the back wound in "Reasoning about Assassinations", ][/FONT]

The signed autopsy sheet, including the placement and description of the back wound, was verified by Admiral George Gregory Burkley, personal physician to the president who directed the autopsy at Bathesda. Burkley filled out and signed John F. Kennedy's official death certificate on November 23rd, 1963. He verified the location of the back wound and signed the Kennedy autopsy sheet at Bethesda on November 24th.

That death certificate revealed the back wound to be, in the Admiral's own words, at the president's
"third thoracic vertebra."The neck has seven CERVICAL vertebrae, and this observed and verified wound was described as three THORACIC vertebrae lower than the neck itself.

A wound in the back, exactly where the official autopsy sheet and the coat and shirt placed it

Warren Commissioner Gerald Ford was one of the key people responsible for misleading the U.S. public about the facts of the JFK assassination. The single bullet theory and the lone assassin fiction are only possible if we believe Gerald Ford's terrible fiction.”

The initial draft of the report stated:

"A bullet had entered his back at a point slightly above the shoulder to the right of the spine." Ford wanted it to read: "A bullet had entered the back of his neck slightly to the right of the spine." “…

[Note by JHF: According to an article in The New York Times (3 July 1997), which I included in ASSASSINATION SCIENCE (1998), "Mr. Ford, who was a member of the commission, wanted a change to show that the bullet entered Kennedy at 'the back of the neck' rather than in his uppermost back, as the commission originally wrote." So it was a more substantial change than Judyth reports here, which Ford himself sought to minimize.]

The final report said: "A bullet had entered the base of the
back of his neck slightly to the right of his spine." A small change, said Ford on Wednesday, one intended to clarify meaning, not alter history.”

In addition, it has been well-established that no bullet could enter as indicated and exit from the throat without striking bone –vertebrae—in Kennedy’s neck, which would force the bullet to re-direct its course. Furthermore, Connally is not shown as turned, and holding his hat:
renowned researcher and journalist Jim Marrs has this to say:

But, based on my own 43 years of research, I can tell you this as absolute fact --- no bullet passed through JFK's body. The head shot obviously fragmented and did not reach Connally. His throat shot, described by all Dallas medical personnel as a puncture wound -- in other words an entrance wound -- entered the front of his neck at about the level of his Adam's Apple and did not penetrate his neck. The back wound came from behind and entered at the third thoracic vertebra, which is below the shoulder blades. The autopsy doctors tried to probe this wound and found they could not track it through the body, in other words it did not pass through JFK's body, nor did it strike bone and therefore could not have sudden changed to an upward trajectory to exit his throat.

Connally obviously was struck by two separate slugs, one of which struck near the rear of his right armpit, shattered his right lung and exited near the right nipple on his chest. Standard ballistics deny that this slug could have entered his right wristbone and then swerved into his left thigh, the site of his final wound. Therefore, it would seem that a second slug came from the right side, entered his right wrist shattering the most dense bone in the upper body, and it, or fragments from it, ended up in the left thigh. Of course, to admit all this would mean that JFK and Connally were struck by a minimum of five shots, far too many for a lone assassin acting within 6 seconds. And what was to the right of the limousine at the time of Connally's wounding? The infamous Grassy Knoll.[/FONT]

Next, making sure Kennedy’s brain was missing then became important: it seems another brain was substituted for it, making it impossible for Kennedy’s brain to be examined properly a a later time by non-government doctors to see from what direction the bullet(s) came that killed Kennedy:

A 1998 Washington Post article, Archive Photos Not of JFK’s Brain, Concludes Aide to Review Board, explains:

(F)ormer FBI agent Francis X. O’Neill Jr., who was present at the Nov. 22, 1963, autopsy at Bethesda Naval Hospital, and of former Navy photographer John T. Stringer, …said he took photos at a supplementary brain examination two or three days later, probably on the morning of Nov. 25.

O’Neill told the board in a 1997 deposition that at the Nov. 22 autopsy “there was not too much of the brain left” when it was taken out of Kennedy’s skull and “put in a white jar.” He said “more than half of the brain was missing.”

Shown the brain photographs deeded to the Archives by the Kennedy family, which were taken sometime after the autopsy, O’Neill said they did not square with what he saw. The “only section of the brain which is missing is this small section over here,” O’Neill said of one photograph. “This looks almost like a complete brain.”

[Note by JHF: Robert B. Livingston, M.D., a world authority on the human brain and an expert on wound ballistics, reported his determination that the brain shown in diagrams and photographs at the National Archives could not be of the brain of John F. Kennedy in statements that were also published in ASSASSINATION SCIENCE (1998), pp. 161-166, which were presented during a press conference in New York on 18 November 1993.]

Those responsible for misguiding the American people are either being paid to produce their lies and to peddle them —while bad-mouthing good, serious researchers who seek only the truth – or they have been convinced that for national security reasons that they’re doing the right thing. National security
, you might ask, after all this time?

But it’s true.

Important government figures with big names that are still heard in Washington obtained their power through cooperating with the cabal that put together the assassination in every detail—and the Spin City version that Oswald was guilty after the dirty deed was done. One of the foremost Spinners has been Dale K. Myers.


Dale K. Myers was busy “proving” Oswald was guilty long before he won his Emmy in 2004 with his computer animation efforts. He was also the author of “With Malice: LeeHarvey Oswald and the Murder of Officer J. D. Tippit” published in 1998. That book was praised by some fine JFK researchers. It took some time for this carefully crafted book to be analyzed beyond the slick presentation that seemed to prove Oswald killed police officer Tippit less than 45 minutes after he supposedly killed Kennedy. But finally, the book was examined more closely: it has not fared well and has gone out of print.

Recently, researcher Bill Kelly noted that a forum (UK-based Education Forum) was threatened by Myers with a lawsuit if it did not remove criticism about his book. I was sent some of the exchange that occurred. Wrote Kelly:

20 August 2010

Don't be bullied by Myers' threats to sue.

Let him sue and I will get good attorneys to defend anybody who posts photos or articles for research purposes. We need a court case to get new testimony under oath, and any kind of case will do.


However, material criticizing Myers’ book was removed anyway:

22 August, 2010

“Well, I see John [Simkin, moderator of the forum] did remove the criticism of

Dale Myers work from the forum. I think it should be reposted and discussed further, especially if he doesn't want it.Using the lack of photo evidence to discredit the acoustic evidence doesn't hold water, as not everything was photographed and we just don't know what was happening where the cameras weren't pointed.

We do know however, that Dale Myers' book on the Tippit murder is intentionally deceptive, does not give an accurate account of the murder, does not even get into certain aspects that have proved to be important, and that his intention is not to develop the truth as to what really happened but to dismiss any conspiracy thinking. “

Researcher Robert Harris added:

“Myers did the same thing to me when I posted a video presentation on Youtube that was critical of his work. He sent me several threatening emails, saying he was going to sue me and complained to Youtube to make them remove the video.

I was pleased to see Bill Kelly add a few words about why the moderator caved in (typos edited):

From what I understand, the private, closed email exchange group that John Simkin was once a member of is Paul Hoch's group. Paul had a really good newsletter that accurately analyzed the latest information when there were many new releases under the JFK Act. With Peter Dale Scott and another person, Hoch edited The Assassinations, one of the best and earliest anthologies of articles.

It's hard to believe however, that Hoch would include people like David Von Pain, who admits that he doesn't read conspiracy books, Dave Reitzes, John McAdams, etc.,and others who are set in their minds what happened and aren't going to change, no matter what new information is presented, and real researchers that are working today.

Here's some of what Dale Myers didn't put in his book and he doesn't want you to know: [shows problems with the investigation in the case (note by jvb)]

G. Kinston Clark'sThe Critical Historian, in which he writes:

“The distortion produced by bias are potentially present in any attempt to write history. Sometimes the danger is obvious and menacing, sometimes it is covert, coming from unexpected angles and in not easily detected forms. ….Any interpretation which makes use of facts which can be shown to be false, or accepts as certainty true facts which are dubious, or does not take into account facts which are known, are at best, potentially misleading, and possibly grossly, and dangerously deceptive. ….It is the first task of the historian to review any narrative to find what links are missing altogether…where what is defective cannot be supplied by further research, it is an historian’s duty to draw attention to the fact so that men can know where they stand.…Any historical conception which has not been adjusted to the most recent results will cease to be satisfactory.”

Researcher Jim DiEugenio, on the same forum, commented on 22 August, 2010, that:

“This is as bad as when he tried to ridicule Lifton for not knowing the true story behind who ghost wrote Reclaiming History for Vincent Bugliosi…..
When in fact it was Myers and Lifton knew that and was trying to spare him. But Myers pressed too hard so Lifton exposed him…”

Wait! Myers was a ghost writer for Bugliosi? The same Bugliosi who told people I was incapable of writing my own book? That Harrison Livingstone most likely wrote it? That same fellow ho described me as a hamburger flipper and a “poor puppy” suffering from delusions? That supposedly thorough attorney never contacted me. All of Bugliosi’s words about me came from secondhand sources –from people who also had never met me. So much for Bulgiosi’s care in contacting witnesses. Or was it Myers who was entrusted with blackening my name? Was Myers really the ghost writer behind Bugliosi’s book—a book for which Bugliosi received, I’ve been told, an advance of a million dollars?

John Simkin, to his credit, wrote this response:

“The reason he [Dale Myers] complained was because he did not want his work questioned by experts on the Forum. He has made it clear on several occasions that he has no intention joining this forum. Other defenders of the Warren Report such as John McAdams and Gerald Posner have also refused the invitation to join. We only get their underlings on this forum.”

In 1998, dale Myers was a speaker at the annual Lancer Conference in Dallas. He was described thus:

“Dale Myers, a 20 year veteran of radio and television. Honored in '83 by the Assoc. Press for his radio documentary on the JFK slaying. Authored "The Detroit News" 25th anniversary coverage of the murder, and served as an expert consultant for 1993s BBC/Frontline documentary, "Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?"
TOPIC: New evidence in the Tippit shooting by the author of "With Malice: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Murder of Officer J.D. Tippit."

So Myers was busy as far back as 1983 telling people Oswald was Kennedy’s killer. And he got “Honored” for it by the AP, which only gives me more reason to suspect that Myers has made a nice, fat living promoting the myth of Oswald as Lone Nut.


When I said “a nice, fat living” I wasn’t exaggerating. Here’s what researcher Bill Kelly wrote Sept., 2010 about funds made available to blame Lee H. Oswald. [Kelly also mentions the important COPA Conference coming up November. 22 in Dallas (typos corrected, my emphasis added)]:

“The bottom line is about money…In Mary Ferrell's ASK speech, she mentioned that the Warren Commission attorneys were meeting around the same time in Washington DC to form a group that would actively respond to our efforts and the JFK movie.

I later learned that at one of the meetings of the WC attorneys, they took up a donation and got others interested in their cause to pledge money, and quickly raised $30 million.
Now that's a lot of money, and I think I know what they did with it. I think they funneled it to their publishing friends, who disbursed it to a select group of writers, including Posner, Mailer, Bugliosi, possibly Holland and a few other heavy hitters who wrote their magazine articles and books and made their TV shows, and never really had any problem with getting money to do their research.

Can you imagine what Jeff Morley, David Talbot, Larry Hancock and Stu Wexler, Bill Simpich or Greg Parker could do with such an unlimited budget to do their research and work? Well now they're going to form another organization, and gear up for the 50th anniversary.

And my advice to those who will be in Dallas for Lancer and/or COPA or in Hawaii in April, is to suggest at those meetings that we adopt their strategy and tactics, and raise a war-chest of money…a big bank roll - a war chest - of as much money as can be raised, tens of thousands of dollars - and then dole it out for a few select projects, a few researchers on the verge of completing their books, radio shows, films or video, and take out ads on radio, TV and in the Washington Post and New York Times to educate people about the assassination, the efforts to get Congressional Hearings and to enforce the JFK Act and to try to get some semblance of justice with the convening of grand juries in Dallas and DC.

Now I don't know where this money is coming from - if we complain about spending $2 for copies of our own articles, while they raise millions, they're certainly going to outspend us, but I think that an effort along these lines must be made, as money can buy many of the answers we are looking for.

. . .

This post has been edited by William Kelly: 30 September 2010 - 10:42 AM

I live in exile in Europe, where everybody “off the record” knows a Coup occurred in American on November 22, 1963, and that we are feeling the effects of that Coup to this very day. it is important that the people learn the truth.

Can money rewrite history?
Be an informed American.
Tell people about the books that tell the truth.

Demand justice for John Kennedy and exoneration for Lee Harvey Oswald.

Recommended books for concerned people who want the truth: Crossfire, the Plot that Killed Kennedy, by Jim Marrs, Dr. Mary’s Monkey, by Edward T. Haslam, Me & Lee: How I came to Know,Love and Losee Lee Harvey Oswald, by Judyth Vary Baker, The Great Zapruder Film Hoax [ed. James fetzer], Inside the ARRB by Douglas Horne, and JFK and the Unspeakable—Why He Died and Why It Matters, by James Douglass.

[Image: vnmb0w.jpg]
I am surprised that Judyth would make the following statement:

But, based on my own 43 years of research, I can tell you this

JVB has always contended that all of her stories were from
personal observation, NOT from 43 years of research!


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