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A Philadelphia Lawyer Analyzes the Shots, Trajectories, and Wounds
A Philadelphia Lawyer Analyzes
the Shots, Trajectories, and Wounds

by Vincent J. Salandria
Mrs. Kennedy's previously-deleted testimony

JFK's wounds:

"I was trying to hold his hair on. From the front there was
nothing....I suppose there must have been. But from the back you could
see, you know, you were trying to hold his hair on, and his skull
on. .... I could see a piece of his skull sort of wedge-shaped, like
that, and I remember that it was flesh colored with little ridges at
the top."


Mr. RANKIN. Do you remember Mr. Hill coming to try to help on the car?
Mrs. KENNEDY. I don't remember anything. I was just down like that. And finally I remember a voice behind me, or something, and then I remember the people in the front seat, or somebody, finally knew something was wrong, and a voice yelling, which must have been Mr. Hill, "Get to the hospital,"or maybe it was Mr. Kellerman, in the front seat. But someone yelling. I was just down and holding him.

[Reference to wounds deleted.]

Mr. RANKIN. Do you have any recollection of whether there were one or more shots?
Mrs. KENNEDY. Well, there must have been two because the one that made me turn around was Governor Connally yelling. And it used to confuse me because first I remembered there were three and I used to think my husband didn't make any sound when he was shot. And Governor Connally screamed. And then I read the other day that it was the same shot that hit them both.


From former Secret Service agent Marty Venker's book

"Confessions of An Ex-Secret Service Agent" , pages 24-25:

" [In Secret Service school] We'd also watch films of real-life
assassinations. Naturally, the featured attraction was the home movie
Abraham Zapruder shot in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

watched that film. The instructors didn't want us to ever forget it

[Emphasis added]."

And, yet, Jackie is clean in appearance in the Z film we know of...?

vince palamara



Gary L. Aguilar, MD
San Francisco, California, August, 1994
My biggest take-away from this excellent Salandria piece is his conclusion that the Tague shot originated from the knoll--the more common explanation today is Dal-Tex Building:

Here is a gold mine of material. Tague was between Commerce and Main Streets. The bullet or bullet fragment hit the South curbing of Main Street. From my view of the maps, diagrams, photographs, and after a personal inspection of the situs, at no point would Tague have been in the line of fire from the Depository Building to the Presidential limousine. He was some 1l/2 blocks from the Depository Building, about a block south of the limousine. But he was directly across from the grassy knoll on the north side of Elm Street. The simplest and therefore best explanation of the source of that bullet is the grassy knoll north of Elm Street. If this was the source of Tague's wound, then Tague was very much in the line of fire since the limousine was then between him and the knoll. The trajectory is consistent with an elevation beginning about 25 feet above street level (my estimate from personal inspection of the height of the grassy knoll) downward to the curbing and thence into his cheek. As between the Depository Building and the grassy knoll as the source of this shot, any speculation that it came from the Depository Building must be considered the more improbable of the two.


If he is correct in this, Bowers' confidential account of seeing two men firing from the fence area is corroborated.

Or, in the alternative, the live oak tree knocked the copper jacket off the Tague shot.

A tree can do that, but not Connally's rib or wrist. Bone, tree; bone; tree--and here one would have thought the bone was harder.
Hi Phil; i was still trying to get what's left of grey cells around all his info,and a few others that have been thrown my way, and i am afraid, it is saying, woah,, also trying to find the photos of the sewer grate on elm, in the park area that was hit,the cop is showing, and the trajectory right back to the dal tex, also the wc photos, shaneyfeld took of the trajectory from the tague shot that went right back to the same second story window in the dal tex, i had felt that Bowers did see what he stated and also there was some information he did not relate to all, perhaps..i also would have chosen bone but, if allan is around he could tell us positively, way back, there was mention of a shot from further down the fence towards the end, opposite Tague, that went adrift, and caused the hit, to the curb,and the mention of hearing it, but through time, that has gone astray....and been dropped..and i now do not know the where, just the eh?? left, i'll be back, thanks..b
i found some photos info.......first here is harold wiesberg's info..on the curb shot..and the runaround..:lol:the map was one of rich's that he and craig roberts had done some work on..fwiw..b

but as always he won the dayCheers.
----- Original Message -----=20
From: bernice=20
To: Bernice=20
Sent: Monday, January 22, 2007 7:16 PM
Subject: Curb hit slide

When Harold requested a copy from the FBI of the test done on the curb =
hit.......He was told, that it had been discarded save space..It =
was 1/16th of an inch and involved the murder of the US =
President......Mind you the FBI never swore to such under oath.....

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