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DPF Bans Professor James H. Fetzer: The Rationale
DPF Bans Professor James H. Fetzer: The Rationale.

The Oswald Innocence Campaign, in their own words, is "a gathering of researchers, and concerned individuals, committed to spreading the truth that Lee Harvey Oswald was the "Man in the Doorway" in the famous photo, by Ike Altgens, which thereby exonerates Oswald of having shot at President Kennedy. In this case, a picture really is worth a million words, since it trumps the massive media effort to the contrary. We are taking a stand for what, upon close examination, the photo clearly reveals and cannot be denied by rational thinking people. The founding of the OIC marks a sea change in JFK research. A new breed of JFK researcher has emerged. Nevertheless, there are those on the internet, such S.V. Anderson and other "lone gunman" shills, who comb internet forums and cannot quite figure out why I, and others, of this new breed of conspiracy theorist, are so persistent and will not be silenced. The moment for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth has come."

As research on the Deep Politics Forum and elsewhere has demonstrated, the photograph known as Altgens 6 is simply incapable of being used as "proof" that Lee Harvey Oswald was standing in a doorway on the streets of Dealy Plaza, and thus could not have been on the sixth floor shooting at President Kennedy. There is not enough "information" in the image to make the definitive judgement claimed by Fetzer and co. The claim also contradicts the most reliable witness evidence, which places Oswald in the vicinity of the Book Store's coke machine.

However, more fundamentally, such analysis of Altgens 6 is entirely irrelevant to Oswald's innocence. Decades of research into the life of Lee Harvey Oswald, into the circles in which he moved, into the plots prior to the assassination, into the nature of the deep political coverup after the assassination, and into the real historical context of JFK's presidency, expose the claim that "a picture really is worth a million words" as crude disinformation.

This promotion of "Oswald in the doorway" as the smoking gun that proves Oswald's innocence is deeply disturbing, as it will inevitably be shown as a massively overstated interpretation of the available evidence and thus tarnish the efforts of the entire research community.

Indeed, why is it that just before the 50th anniversary of the public slaughter of JFK, Fetzer and co announce the ridiculous vehicle known as the "Oswald Innocence Campaign"?

It feels more media stunt than serious research effort, and perhaps belongs in the faux and ephemeral sphere of the Blair Witch Project - an Oswald Innocence Project to entertain and titillate the masses.

We, the founders and owners of DPF, are deeply suspicious.

Here is how it is likely to play out.

MSM will be delighted to invite the sexily named Oswald Innocence Campaign members into newsrooms and onto anniversary documentaries. MSM will be delighted precisely because they know this supposed smoking gun, the interpretation of Altgens 6 as proof that Oswald was in the doorway, can be demolished in a moment. The claim can be demolished because the research community, of which DPF is a part, has already destroyed it.

Fundamentally, Altgens 6 cannot support the weight of interpretation placed upon it by the OIC.

End result: MSM has its cake and eats it. The self-proclaimed "Conspiracy Theorists" of the OIC are invited to make their best case, they put forward Altgens 6, MSM feigns interest then destroys the argument without raising so much as a sweat. And thus the meme that "you can't trust a Conspiracy Theorist to get anything right" is reinforced.

The circus continues.

The show goes on.

Fetzer and co chirp: "The founding of the OIC marks a sea change in JFK research. A new breed of JFK researcher has emerged."

Indeed. An incredibly stupid breed.

For some time, the founders and owners of DPF have been dismayed at the declining quality of Jim Fetzer's research in all deep political areas. The ludicrous and thoroughly debunked "Oswald in the doorway" theory is the final provocation.

We, the founders and owners of DPF, remain committed to shining light into the dark and shadowy reaches of deep political structures.

We also remain committed to exposing disinformation publicly, in stark daylight.

Once disinformation has been exposed, we will refuse to allow DPF to be used for the purposes of propaganda or Sunsteinian psy ops.

After reflection and discussion, we have decided upon the following courses of action:

i) to lock the "Oswald in the Doorway" thread, so it is not open to further comment. However, it will remain online in the interests of public education and exposure of the theory's total lack of credibility;

ii) to ban Jim Fetzer, as we have now concluded, with sadness, that his self-proclaimed "Conspiracy Theories" are the very worst examples of that discredited form, causing only damage to legitimate, considered, rigorous research.
In attempting to merge two threads, some posts have been lost.

The software does not appear to allow them to reinstated.

DPF apologises to members.

This remains the thread dedicated to discussion of Prof Fetzer's research and the decision of DPF's founders and members to ban him.
I am confident many members/researchers, as well as members/students like myself, are among those with regret for the action. While the choice is likely problematic, it is unlikely that another choice is available at this time. Sadly, the argument is over very weak, and quite inconsequential evidence.


Sorry every one that was me that stuffed up the earlier thread by merging and then trying to sort it later..... :joystick:If any one whose post has been lost wants to please feel free to repost it here.
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.
[PLEASE NOTE: My posts on this thread represent my thoughts and feelings exclusively. They do not necessarily reflect the positions of my partners, the co-owners of Deep Politics Forum.]

It was with the deep regret familiar to all who, acting on principle, have been forced to sever close, long-standing personal and/or professional relationships that I joined in the unanimous decision of DPF's co-owners to revoke Professor James Fetzer's posting privileges on this site.

Over the past two years, Jim Fetzer, once held to be among the most respected and even revered of JFK assassination researchers, has exhibited a diminution of critical faculties evident in his multiple, fevered endorsements of thoroughly discredited conspiracy hypotheses. At the same time, he repeatedly disparages his critics not on the bases of their counterarguments' respective merits, but rather via vicious personal attacks.

The latest case in point -- the tipping point, for me -- comes in the form of Fetzer's ludicrous defense of chiropractor "Ralph Cinque's" ludicrous analysis of the controversial Altgens 6 photograph of the Kennedy assassination, in which a figure in the doorway of the Texas Schoolbook Depository has been tentatively identified as either TSBD employee Billy Lovelady or accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.

In scores of posts published on at least three major JFK assassination-related websites, "Cinque" and his work have been laughed out of the room. His methods have been shown to be fatally flawed, his observations ill-informed, his arguments rife with circular reasoning. Yet for reasons that remain unclear, Fetzer chooses to act as Cinque's often rabid guard dog and all-around Internet flack.

In the words of the old song, "everybody has the right to be wrong." The issue at hand that prompted my decision to vote to ban Fetzer from DPF is not the fact that what he chooses to defend is indefensible -- or, if you will, just plain wrong. Nor should my decision be read as an endorsement of any identification of the so-called Doorway Man.

Rather, I voted to ban Fetzer because of the unique manners in which his high-profile embrace of "Cinque" supports the on-going cover-up of the JFK assassination conspiracy.

The ultimate purpose of the cover-up is to maintain and, when necessary, reinvigorate the doubt upon which control of the many by the few is predicated. The accessories-after-the-fact in the JFK assassination look to create in the minds of the masses the illusion of a level playing field on which their "lone nut" lie and the truth we express as the conspiracy argument compete for acceptance based on the false premise that both are honestly presented points of view supported by the evidence.

Further, those who administer the cover-up are eager to counterbalance the demonstrated junk science upon which their "lone nut" argument is clearly based with the documentation of junk science that they can argue, without merit, is at the core of what they would term conspiracy "theory."

Given his once-high standing in the JFK research community, Fetzer's endorsement of "Cinque's" disinformation -- like his endorsement of the LBJ-as-assassination "mastermind" disinformation peddled by one Phillip Nelson -- serves this goal admirably.

Another benefit of Fetzer's decline that accrues to the killers of JFK may be measured in how well-deserved ridicule of the aging professor's contemporary work is being used to taint -- unfairly and cynically -- his frequently valuable earlier efforts and, by extension, those of his close collaborators.

And let us not forget how the undermining of Fetzer's standing among his comrades in the JFK assassination research community prompts the sort of internecine conflict without which our work might actually bring about the attainments of truth and justice in this case.

Thanks in no small measure to Fetzer, we too often find ourselves at each others' throats.

Given the esteem in which I once held Fetzer, it is tempting to create rationales that let him off the "hostile intent" hook. Perhaps he is experiencing the onset of Alzheimer's Disease. Perhaps he suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Anything, at this point, would be preferable to the conclusion that Fetzer is an agent provocateur long ago sent into our midst as a sleeper and now being activated as the 50th anniversary of JFK's murder approaches.

(I am not a trained psychoanalyst, so any effort on my part to detect a clinical cause for Fetzer's behavior must be appreciated for what it is: pure guesswork. That being noted, the literature does tell us that narcissists value themselves as inherently better than others. At the same time, their self-esteem is inordinately fragile, they cannot handle criticism, and they resort to disparaging others sadistically in an attempt to validate their own self-worth.

I can think of no more accurate description of Fetzer's responses to recent criticism of his increasingly incoherent and damaging assertions.)

My decision was not lightly made. I sought the counsel of other, trusted friends who enjoy unique, deep, invaluable perspectives on Fetzer. But ultimately, the decision was mine alone. For in the final analysis, one conclusion is inescapable:

Continued presentation on DPF of Fetzer's troubled and troubling contemporary work would violate one of the basic principles upon which this forum was founded. DPF will not aid and abet individuals who aid and abet the forces that, as James Jesus Angleton put it, "struck John."

Is Fetzer an unwitting, half-witting, or witting accessory-after-the-fact to the murder of JFK? Ultimately, the question is moot. For if, as I have previously written, a man shoots you in the head because he wants to cure your migraine headache, you still end up dead. And he is still a murderer.

And so DPF has bid a sad farewell to Professor James H. Fetzer. It remains my hope that those closest to him -- members of his family and the colleagues with whom he once was gloriously identified -- will come to his aid and lead him to the care that he so clearly needs and richly deserves.
The banning of Fetzer will not be met with an ovation by me. I do not like it, but I understand it. Indeed, he didn't leave many options to the owners of DPF. None.
However, I still value the memory of my old friend's past work. I stand at attention and salute him while I hear Taps in the distance...



"It is difficult to abolish prejudice in those bereft of ideas. The more hatred is superficial, the more it runs deep."

James Hepburn -- Farewell America (1968)
They were the hollow men
leaning together
headpiece filled with straw

Easy pickings for the fairies in dogcollars
Mockingbirds for the New Millenium

Better banishment
as false to the cause
than to take our quest
down in flames

Altgens 6 shows the timing of the shot
which he said was the first
Shows the Dal-Tex as a more likely hide
matching the trajectory
missing the live oak
eliminating Oswald
without fifty shades of asinine

Weisberg was outraged at Hoover and Liebeler
for having cropped and obscured through miniaturization
the great aid to understanding
which hit the AP wire a half hour after
the flurry of bullets

Oswald was in the lunchroom
Lovelady wore dark plaid
There is no new discovery
Save a pedant going bad

The owners-moderators exhibited due regard for intellectual inquiry
The abuse was on the part of the propagandist
painting the rest of the unconverted world as stupid

John Kennedy was killed by a conspiracy protecting its Agency, its War, its Bank, and more

To shunt its exposers down a vortex a centimeter square on a fifty-year-old news clipping
serves the killers

Thank you for removing the cancer
Magda Hassan Wrote:Sorry every one that was me that stuffed up the earlier thread by merging and then trying to sort it later..... :joystick:If any one whose post has been lost wants to please feel free to repost it here.

Magda is very noble. It was my fault too - different timezones fecked it up.

Sorry to all.
"It means this War was never political at all, the politics was all theatre, all just to keep the people distracted...."
"Proverbs for Paranoids 4: You hide, They seek."
"They are in Love. Fuck the War."

Gravity's Rainbow, Thomas Pynchon

"Ccollanan Pachacamac ricuy auccacunac yahuarniy hichascancuta."
The last words of the last Inka, Tupac Amaru, led to the gallows by men of god & dogs of war
Phil said
Quote:John Kennedy was killed by a conspiracy protecting its Agency, its War, its Bank, and more

I am so very glad you said that!

Fetzer is now describing himself thusly:

"I am among the only professional scholars to be involved in JFK research [.]"

As I am among the only North American males to be involved in JFK research.

These statements are meaningless as either quantifications or qualifications.

Fetzer is setting up an invalid argument from authority.

Such intellectual dishonesty is among the Fetzer trademark qualities that I voted to ban from DPF.

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