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This is the Washington Post?

Really kind of surprising. Read it and smile.
Wow, that's kind of amazing. God help us all if Bezos has them start talking about JFKSmile
It really didn't hit me until I read the article twice.

After the second time is said, "Wow, this is the Post?"

Is something afoot there? If so he seems to be starting with the field reporters first.

Let us keep our fingers crossed.
BTW, can the mods change the title, i misspellled the first word.
Somebody should slap that DA upside the head and tell him "Don't you get it? Schrade is saying Sirhan didn't do it and that there was a second shooter".

There needs to be an other form of approaching this since the San Diego Parole Board seems to be incapable of processing exculpatory evidence. They are violating Sirhan's democratic rights and denying him due process.


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