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JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald
By the way, if they stick with this Russian angle--Oswald did it for the KGB--this is really just a continuation and updating of Epstein and Legend.

Which, in turn, was picked up from the whole Angleton angle with the Warren Report, and the coinciding torture drill of Nosenko. BTW, I will have something to say about the whole Nechiporenko book in an upcoming reply to Max Holland. Suffice it to say for now, Passport to Assassinaton was the beginning of a whole new phenomenon, that is, the KGB retropsectively propping up the holes in Cold War hysteria of McCarthy/Hoover/Dulles.

One of those holes was the JFK case.
This is really weird.

There was no show last week as far as I can tell.

And there is no announcement as to why not. Jeff Morley sent them an email, and so did I.

If they do not put it back on Tuesday night, then I think we are all owed an explanation. To cut a six part series when you have not even aired half of it?

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