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Watergate's [inside] man!
Watergate had an [inside] man, and many believed this man was the sixth burglar. He stayed at the Watergate hotel. He helped in providing and removing tape placed on door locks whenever there was a plot to break-in. In-fact, after three successful break-ins it was the fourth break-in at 2:00 AM when the tape was removed by someone else other then the [inside] man, Frank believed it was the [inside] man who had removed the tape. It was this act that ultimately disclosed the entire operation said Frank.

Could anyone help me out with who the [inside] man was?
And, if there was such a person, what was his name? And, could there also been an [inside] man in the Chilean Embassy break-in? And, if so, what was his name? Could there have been [inside] men for both Watergate and the Embassy? Do you suppose there was an [inside] man or men during Garrison's investigations? And, if there could have been [inside] men at Garrison's investigations, Watergate and the Embassy, do you suppose there was one, or several [inside] men at that presidents assassination?


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