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This presentation accomplishes two things: 1) it outlines the west freight elevator escape as the correct solution to the Depository enigma, supported by a dozen pieces of evidence  2) it conclusively debunks any notion that James Hosty's extraneous notes- i.e. "went outside to watch P. Parade"-  are supportive of the PrayerMan question, which is exposed as a deception.

This essay was intended to be delivered at the 2023 JFK Lancer Conference, of which I informed Debra Conway back in May, but for some unknown reason was not invited. And so it is written in a style intended for a live audience.

Part 1 is essentially a rehash of my elevator escape theory, which has been familiar to researchers since I first presented it in 2009. It is worth refreshing yourself about, as there are a couple of significant additions to the evidence I have never made public before.

Part 2 is a natural outgrowth of why Part 1 is not more widely accepted. The answer to that is because of my stance on the lunchroom hoax and PrayerMan, which has led to my ostracization from the research community. The content of Part 2 arises out of discussions I had with Brian Doyle right here on the pages of this Deep Politics forum this past spring and summer. He was able to thread the needle and find the correct interpretation of the interrogators' notes & reports, which placed, as Fritz testified, the suspect Oswald in the 2nd-floor lunchroom at the time of the assassination. The content of Part 2 is essentially a synopsis of his insights, with my own addition of Kelley's report and Oswald's encounter with reporters in the DPD hallway.
I forgot to post the link:

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