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New COPA project
Adele Edisen Wrote:John and others,

I feel compelled to add my thoughts here because I have spent 46 years and three months at this date thinking and reading about President Kennedy's assassination in trying to figure out WHY. On November 22 this year, the 46th year after his death, it will be 46 years and 7 months for me.

If it would be of any help to you and others on this Forum, I can summarize my thinking on the matter and give a few references which I have found most useful. I have read almost all of the books written on this subject because of my special interest in the matter. You see, I almost died in April of 1963 at the hands of Jose Rivera, one of John Kennedy's murderers, and therefore, I had to understand why and how it happened.

If we can accept that the Past is Prologue, then we can start some thirty years before John Kennedy's assassination. To me, the conspiracy to overthrow our government which occurred then in 1933-1934 was the crucial key to understanding the Kennedy assassination because all the elements necessary, all the means, and all the forces, and the people were essentially the same, but in slightly different garbs and of a different generation.

This was the plot to seize the White House, sweep the newly elected president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, out of power and replace him with a dictator patterned very much like Benito Mussolini of Italy who had made the Italian King, Victor Emmanuel, leave his throne and proclaimed himself to be "Il Duce" and leader of Italy in 1922. The American plotters were bankers, industrialists, stockbrokers, newspaper publishers, and even two members of the Democratic Party, Al Smith and John Davis. They were to use a force of 500,000 World War I veterans of the American Legion to march on Washington to demand that Roosevelt step down from his position and accept a Marine General, Smedley Darlington Butler, as his "helper".

The U.S. Army at that time was maybe about the fifth of that size and widely distributed in foreign countries and scarcely within the United States. Fortunately, General Butler played along until he had met the main plotters and then he went to the Secret Service and to President Roosevelt. The MacCormack-Dickstein Congressional Committee held hearings and these were recorded in the Congressional records. Their most powerful witness was General Butler, who went on radio later to criticize the ensuing cover-up and lack of thorough prosecution of the conspirators. Nothing was ever referred to of this plot in subsequent history textbooks. Only a few academic historians of the period mentioned it and passed it off as a weird incident without any real significance. However, two newspaper journalists, John Spivak and John French, managed to dig up more information than was reported in the mainstream press at the time, and published their findings about the people on Wall Street behind the plot. Spivak's articles may be found on the Internet. In 1973, Jules Archer published his very vivid account of the plot in his book, The Plot to Seize the White House. It quickly went out of print, but has been revised in a new edition in paperback, available from I urge everyone to read it. It reveals the types of forces in operation against a democratic form of government.

This is my paradigm for the Kennedy assassination. Then, I seriously refer to the following books concerned with the Kennedy assassination. Two of them were written by a sociologist, Dr. Donald Gibson. His first book, Battling Wall Street, discusses the presidency and actions taken by John Kennedy which made enemies for himself amongst the industrialists and oil producers of Wall Street. His second book, the revised version of which is titled The Kennedy Assassination Cover-Up Revisited, discusses the aftermath of the assassination and how the Warren Commission was manipulated to ignore evidence contrary to the preconceived conclusion of the patsy Lee Harvey Oswald's guilt. Gibson renamed the Warren Commission the McCloy-Dulles Commission because of the blatant actions of these two members of the group in controlling the witnesses and their testimony.

Then if we add James Douglass' wonderful book, JFK and the Unspeakable; John Newman's Oswald and the CIA; and Richard Maloney's JFK: Ordeal in Africa, we can begin to see who the forces were thar were so threatened by John Kennedy's ideas of peace, democratic principles, monetary and international policies that he had to be eliminated, and it had to be done in such a way that every successive president would be afraid to cross the line laid down by these powerful folks.


Great post Adele and good thoughts and references! Let's hope you find closure and justice in your lifetime - and mine!
"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws. - Mayer Rothschild
"Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience! People are obedient in the face of poverty, starvation, stupidity, war, and cruelty. Our problem is that grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem!" - Howard Zinn
"If there is no struggle there is no progress. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and never will" - Frederick Douglass
Peter wrote:
Quote:Great post Adele and good thoughts and references! Let's hope you find closure and justice in your lifetime - and mine!


Thank you for your response. For the two of us and for all of us, I hope we will find closure and justice soon.

Dawn Meredith Wrote:Mark:
I too would be most interested in knowing if there is an Isreal connection here. In all the books I have read over these many decades I have not even seen it referred to. I am sure if someone were to pour over all the docs released via the JFK Act there would be evidence of something. However it also might be looking for a needle in a haystack.


Actually, I'm pretty sure that if someone were to pore all over the docs released via the JFK Act they would be no closer to solving the case than we are now. So I'm not volunteering.

One thing that frustrates me is that potential suspect groups like the MIC, CIA, Texas oil etc, are usually all placed in watertight compartments by researchers, neglecting the fact that certain other 'interests' may have the power to both participate in and transcend these watertight compartments simultaneously. Who held the real power in the US in '63 ? The mainstream media, because they had the power to mould public opinion, even more so in '63 than now because they had no internet to compete with in 1963. What shared common interests united the media owners like Bill Paley, David Sarnoff etc in '63? A commitment to continuous war and a commitment to Israel. There's no doubt about it, the media bosses were Jewish and were dedicated Zionists.

Today, the media which obstinately refuses to acknowledge a conspiracy in the JFK assassination, which continues to deny the undeniable, and continues to treat the public with utter disdain is still controlled by zealous Zionists, eternally committed to war and Israel.

The assassination was probably planned by a cabal which included elite members of several of the suspect groups, all with varying levels of plausible deniability. The glue which bound them together in solidarity and silence, and was instrumental in ensuring that they eluded exposure and conviction, was the US media.

The Warren Commission was the brainchild of Eugene Rostow (committed Zionist), Oswald was murdered by Ruby (committed zionist who helped run guns and ammunition to Israel in the 40's and 50's). Who had the influence to make Ruby perform the deed? Not Texas oil or the military--he had no connection to them. My guess is Meyer Lansky (personal friend of Hoover and committed Zionist). Whom did LBJ rely on for counsel once he was safely in the White House? The council of 'wise men'--guys like Rostow, Clark Clifford, Arthur Goldberg, Abe Fortas, Arthur Krim and his wife Mathilde (who was a former Mossad operative).

Which country was the major beneficiary of LBJ's foreign policy largesse? You guessed it. For whose benefit did LBJ shamefully cover up the killing of 31 American sailors on the US Liberty in June '67? Yep, Israel again.

That's a short and incomplete list of the factors pointing to substantial Israeli involvement in Dealey Plaza--as I see it. Piper's Final Judgement, which I'm sure you've heard of, is the only book I know of which implicates Israel, but it's apparently too much for researchers and doco makers with weak stomachs.

For those who blithely dismiss as 'too implausible' the possibility that JFK was killed by those whose main loyalty was Israel, I would quote JFK himself who said three days before his death, "I've quoted before and I quote again (Jefferson) that if we expect a nation to be ignorant and free we expect what never was and never will be".
Haven't we all been busy!

Thanks for all the advice so far guys. I've been reading and taking a lot from it.
I still intend on replying to posts individually, but I'm a bit sick at the moment. This gives me a lot of couch time to go looking for footage and music for the doc.

I've been locating a lot of usable footage, there's so much good stuff available. Although most of my material will be original, I will still have to use contemporary footage to relate to the time in which the events happened.

I would like, as much as possible, to use reasonably rare stock footage or events such as the missile crisis, the assassination, Oswald, Bay of Pigs, the JCS.
I've pretty much covered youtube (well, I've identified the biggest uploaders of JFK material). Can anyone recommend other websites that may be of use that provide free stock footage?

I'm sure google video, veoh and other sites can still provide a lot more material. I will also be asking a few researchers if they have any unseen material that may help. I should have the opportunity to go to the AARC and John Judge has a large video library.


John Geraghty Wrote:I still intend on replying to posts individually, but I'm a bit sick at the moment. This gives me a lot of couch time to go looking for footage and music for the doc.

Sorry to hear you are unwell. Hope you feel better soon. At least there is so much really good music from the 60's to choose from. If JFK had been assassinated in the 1980's you would be compelled to listen to Duran Duran and other such 'talents':vroam: Enough to make anyone curl up and die.

John Geraghty Wrote:Can anyone recommend other websites that may be of use that provide free stock footage?

Universal Newsreels on You Tube. Also any government film or photo is copyright free to use. So check the gov archives.
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