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The Elevator Escape Theory
The Elevator Escape Theory by Richard Gilbride

I have just read this 33-page synthesis of The Sting (Paul Newman, Robert Redford) and Murder on the Orient Express (Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot unravels a tapestry of deception).

It presented certain new facts to me--the presence of a CIA veteran "Shelley", the temporary tenancy of the Depository, the rampant and incriminating inconsistency in the testimony of a half dozen "employees".

And I find it conforms to a comment by Charles that the dark deed was "a dramatic construct".

Gilbride has credited Sean Murphy for his "acumen" while Murphy credits Duke Lane for his elevator work.

I find it breathtakingly revelatory. Like seeing inside one of the castered boxes David Copperfield employs.

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