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Proof of FBI Falsification of Witness Accounts
The FBI report of James Leon Simmons ( CE 1416 ) says that

..." it was his opinion the shots came from the direction of the Texas School Book Depository."

But in a 1966 video interview with Mark Lane, Simmons said that

" sounded like it came from the left and in front of us, towards the wooden fence."

The FBI report also states that

"Simmons then ran toward the Texas School Book Depository with a policeman."

But Simmons gives a different location in the video

"I was talking to a patrolman Foster and as soon as we heard the shots, we ran around to the wooden fence."

Simmons also tells Lane in the video that he gave the FBI the SAME ACCOUNT when he was interviewed that he gave Lane in the video.

IOW, the FBI falsified what he told them----- and THAT brings the credibility of the entire written record into question.

Is there any wonder why the witness was never called to testify ?

You can believe what they said the witnesses said, or you can hear it from the witnesses themselves.
Was Lee Harvey Oswald REALLY Guilty ?
A look into the evidence in the case against Oswald

The JFK Conspiracy Channel on Youtube
Nice job Gil.

Funny in SSD Thompson uses Simmons in his directory of witnesses for shots originating from the TSBD.

But then he uses him as a witness who runs to the railroad yard behind the picket fence with Holland.

He never acknowledges the dichotomy.

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