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Our family beat Fidel Castro
Theoretically, our family beat Fidel Castro, while Castro kicked out every other business, and business owners out of Cuba or put them in jail, my grandparents plants remain, and always will, so, essentially, our family beat Castro!

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Did I forget to mention that our family had early connections to Cuba, to the Batista regime? That's who my grandfather and grandmother conducted business with when they were providing their exotic plants to Cuba.

I suppose it's no surprise as to why my father would get wrapped up in what he did, and why, as well as meeting Oswald, I don't doubt it.

I do tell it all in my book, well, not all, because some of my information had been taken out, but, I'll be making all the corrections soon, and soon, the whole story will be told, and the truth will be finally out.
Long before my father met Frank Sturgis, Lee Oswald or got involved in assassination plots with anti-Castro groups in training them in military combat, my grandparents conducted business with the president of Cuba.

They sold seeds by the tons to Cuba making that island as beautiful as it is today, when Castro took over my grandparents no longer conducted business in Cuba losing a substantial part of their income, they closed their doors in early 60's and in 1962 my grandmother moved to Miami Beach where my father would meet Lee H. Oswald, Frank Sturgis and Wilfredo Navarro.

Kennedy is dead, my father films Kennedy's funeral, then there is Watergate, the sixth burglar gets away, the rest is history.
Men behind the curtain stage lies a gruesome spectacle of death for the man of peace, it is obscured by all the smoke formed from the phantoms gun which blinds the masses while weaving their seamlessly webs of evil to Watergate.
Kennedy's assassination! It is pretty tough to figure out without your head spinning in every direction, before I ask you to close your eyes for just a moment after reading this, and rethink the words in your head what I'm about to say, try to also feel it in your heart even for just this moment.

While the world is looking for an answer as to why, imagine, your father came across something, he shared with you, imagine, never knowing what your father was involved in until you're in your mid forties.

Then you remember having a conversation that as a thirteen year old didn't make any sense. Now, close your eyes and think about how you would feel about that information told to you, what you learned about your father, and what other's you hunted down to find out the truth.

If not for a minute, for a second allow that to sink in.

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