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The 2015 Hollywood mediation of Executive Action (1973) in the new movie Trumbo
I wonder how much attention this Trumbo effort will get in the new movie Trumbo.
I think our dissent is too refined and sophisticated for any mention of Executive Action today. It would blow all the marketing done in manicuring the left into a small group of folks who say neo-liberlaism a lot.

This movie will be interesting to in terms of how full spectrum dissent contrasts with the marketed and ultra-processed dissent of the cable and internet era. Mostly this contrast will be possible if we look at what is left out and what assumptions are backed in by reimposing today's lens back upon the three network past. That's my guess anyway.

Check the actors then look at the budget. Disjunctive. This one was low budget because it had to be and my bet is Hollywood re-aborts it from historical memory. Or perhaps Noam Chomsky will call Trumbo a "Conspiricist" That would be a difficult task.

Most likely Executive Action will not be mentioned in the film, but it might be there ina kind of negative template i.e. implications about what is CONSIDERED and marketed as dissent today being imposed back on a completely different political environment of pre-assassinations pre-internet America when COINTELPRO was still needed because Facebook was still needed, facebook wasn't around yet and the critical community hadn't been siloed into talking mostly to itself.
I hope you are wrong. Dalton Trumbo is a hero for so many reasons. A truly honest film would cover his whole story. His ground breaking novel Johnny Got His Gun was banned in the US for decades. I found it at an airport the day after the Nixon landslide in 1972. (I was in another state working for McGovern). But Hollywood largely ignores true conspiracy facts so you may be right on this one.
this is the pattern I see that makes the JFK assassination and the other assassinations "Moated " for more general audiences. In reality the assassinations are the most illustrative historical example of how our media system prevents lateral movement of counter-hegemonic knowledge keeping the knowledge that is truly catalytic and might cause change "siloed" on the internet and incapable of reaching the full spectrum while meanwhile the Shenon bs is given much wider access. As I have suggested earlier, the only way of countering this is by building HUBS i.e. systems of postings en mass which lead readers back and forth to better sights like BOR and CTKA. When you post something into more general groups it should automatically be building by having these links mixed into the post.

If you take time to examine the system of JFK censorship two things become apparent. A lot of time and money have gone into "siloing" the research community ie segregating discussion of the assassination from wider historical trends of growing reliance on oil and mining sectors of foreign policy, growing conservativism and corporate top down control of culture, growing income inequality and growing influence of cultural politics at the expense of economic issues and transparency regarding those issues. Also the degree to the assassination explains today's 100% National Security State is religiously obfuscated. (i.e. checks and balances e.g our only linguistic common denominator from NY to California which today amounts to a publicly funded political lobotomization of every high school kid in America because Checks and balances is a completely outdated model of power and teachers nothing but a post-doc in Learned Helplessness)

and 2) What has been deliberately sabotaged and extincted (a necessary neologism, sorry folks) is the left-liberals, because they were "the between" entrance ramps between liberals and further left. Hence by creating disinformants like Guru Noam, foundations might get the left disinforming where it mattered most: re JFK's policies, so much of the population would end up thinking "oh well there were no policy changes so why bother" We know there were the most serious policy changes, but we also know that these are far from the only reason for studying the Coup against JFK and the final lingering elements of Madisonian reality (as opposed to Madisonian rhetoric which has been on life-support for 52 years) . And that is the extent to which the JFK assassination is the best core sampling of how our political-communications system works to moat the political spectrum for the benefit of finance capitalism, which experienced its final victory over industrial capitalism one November lunchtime in Dallas.

Saw Trumbo. Good. Of course they leave out Executive Action (1973) Trumbo's screenplay about the CIA assassination of president 35.
The Left-liberal part of the communications-interstate is what was blown up and must remain that way. The "leftists" must not have access to the the liberals. The fundable thoughts of "the left" must lead away from the interstate where they might merge and interact with other traffic (That interaction and fluidity is what happened in the 1960s, before many people were paid to type neoliberalism a lot.). Otherwise nobody votes and the hamster wheel collapses.
You keep saying neoliberalism: "they" will keep being lobotomized by the checks and balances regime of the public-private chartered schools, ensuring that 97% of the population will never read a book on politics for the rest of their lives. Then those who do read books can spend time wondering whether or not to use the term sheeple...Rinse, repeat.

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