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Lane III: The Ryder/Russo Graveyard Smear
Last part of the Lane Tribute.

The Dark Syde always targeted Lane, even after he was dead.

Russo really has some chutzpah, I mean this is the guy who helped bring us the ludicrous Single Bulllet Fact.

(If you have not read "Who is Gus Russo?", please click the link enclosed. What a piece of work.)
Barry Ryder attacked me in the British Amazon review section for Fenton Bresler's book 'Who Killed John Lennon?' He was relentless and posted lengthily in his attempt to make Bresler and myself look like nutty conspiracy theorists. I finally got the better of him with the intelligently argued evidence and he was reduced to mocking and not answering points.

Bowers told Lane in his film "I could not say then nor can I say now". Seeing the total circumstances of Bowers and his witnessing it is more than clear that Bowers was trying to tell Lane he couldn't talk. Lane had to see all the ensuing confessions Bowers made about what he really saw, so I assume Lane laid back and didn't press what he really knew about Bowers witnessing.

I wish you hadn't used Hay. While Hay might be right in defense of Garrison he went to the dark side with Commander Pitzer and helped deny his very real CIA murder. Hay is a fool in my opinion amongst the ranks of persons like Lee Farley.
Russo has always been one of the crowd keeping alive the zombie theory of "Castro did it, or at least knew ahead of time, or something..."
Isn't that something. I mean Russo did that with his two books and a BS documentary he did in Germany.

How could anyone think that after reading either of Castro's speeches made within five days of the murder?

Or reading Daniel's article in the New Republic "When Castro got the News". Which I think was about a month after.

What can you say about Russo? If you read my article, Who Is Gus Russo?, the best you can say is he did what he did for pecuniary interests.

Barry Ryder needs serious mental counseling.

Either way, they should leave the legacy of Mark Lane alone.
Jim DiEugenio Wrote:Barry Ryder needs serious mental counseling.

He's probably just an internet op or McAdams follower. It's political, not psychiatric. You know, the same old dirty tricks.
From the UK Amazon profile for Barry Ryder:

Quote:Barry RyderLondon

many thanks for dropping-in on my 'profile page'.
My main areas of reading interest revolve around True Crime, Atheism and (a little) American political history.
I have had a life-long interest in the assassinations of JFK, RFK, MLK, Medgar Evers and Malcolm X, to name but a few.
The Bay of Pigs invasion, The Cuban Missile Crisis, Watergate, Vietnam and Iran-Contra are also subjects that interest me greatly.
I was born in 1954 and I do remember most of the above events happening.
I have been an atheist since the age of about twenty and I enjoy reading much of the 'New Atheism' and free-thought material that's becoming increasingly available.
I reject all forms of 'supernaturalism' and have no time or truck for any 'faith held beliefs'. For me, if it's not amenable to and verifiable by scientific examination - it's imaginary!
Any and all abusive comments I receive always make me laugh and never bother me.
Sticks and stones...


Barry is an advisor to the House Of Commons and university professor. (Obviously a McAdams-type or spook) (Or maybe a 'skeptic' nut)

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