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Chris Davidson Ends Prayer Man Issue On MacRae's Forum
Chris Davidson has once again ended the Prayer Man issue by enhancing one of the Darnell frames and bringing out a clearly-seen woman's "scoop" neckline on Prayer Man's garment...This is irrefutable proof that Prayer Man is Sarah Stanton...That scoop neckline and its straight line divide between Prayer Man's skin on her breast and dress was also discovered in the main Darnell Prayer Man image by Morissette...

The Prayer Man theory is dead...However that doesn't stop David Josephs and Jim DiEugenio from suggesting Prayer Man is Oswald in the current Education Forum Prayer Man thread where all those who present the conclusive evidence that Prayer Man is Sarah Stanton are censored and banned...

I am owed an apology by this website because I did 7 hard years banned by Lauren Johnson for showing that Davidson's original enhancement of Wiegman showed Prayer Man was Sarah Stanton...David Josephs commented "What, are you joking?" and Lauren gave me a 3 month suspension "for not listening to the experts"...When Lauren and Peter banned me they directly violated the Deep Politics Forum's site rules and acted in direct opposition to them as moderators...Lauren privately admitted to me that I had proven Prayer Man wasn't Oswald but said he would ban me if I kept posting on the subject...That was a direct violation of the Deep Politics site rules that Lauren violated as moderator...It was Lauren's trusted duty to go out and admit on the board that I was correct, as the site rules made clear...Now someone has deleted all those member-protecting site rules...The rules said DPF was a sanctuary for correct assassination evidence and if a member could make the case this was the place for him...The rules also said all moderator actions had to be done openly and all members had to receive equal respect as moderators...Everything Lauren and Peter did was categorically in direct violation of the site's stated rules and purpose...Neither Magda or the members intervened...James Gordon then used DPF's banning of me as justification for my banning on the Education Forum for trying to show the same evidence - again, in direct violation of the publicly-stated reasons for the website's formation to counter Edcuation Forum corruption...It is obvious that the real means by which the JFK internet works is a subjective friend's network, or research clique, by which the real decisions are made and the rules are just a haughty formality...The JFK internet is a Jim DiEugenio suck-up society and not a credibly Peer Reviewed place...In the end this website managed to commit the same violations the Education Forum, that it was formed in opposition to, did...And do so against a skilled member who discovered very important new evidence...

Here is the final proof on Prayer Man while Jim DiEugenio is on the Education Forum supporting Kamp's Cinque-like work and destruction of Conspiracy research credibility:
Karl Kinaski is obviously reading my posts and poorly translating them...

I want to be let back on to the ROKC Forum to argue my own proof...

As Kinaski correctly pointed-out, the Prayer Man people are getting away with the murder of suggesting that Oswald said he went outside to watch the presidential parade...The best analyses of the notes from the 3pm Interrogation show that any of their content is highly suspect...The best research now shows that Oswald really told them he was in the 2nd Floor Lunch Room alone during the assassination, as was admitted by Fritz and Hosty...So the "went outside to watch presidential parade" part was probably a fabrication by Hosty and wasn't really said by Oswald...That quote has been presented in a brainwashing manner as being a direct quote of Oswald when in fact he probably never even said it and its true context is it was fabricated to get around Oswald telling them he was in the 2nd Floor Lunch Room...The people presenting that quote have dominated and censored criticism of it with banning...In light of the rest of the evidence they are ignoring, Oswald never said it and its true purpose was to cover-up his true location he revealed and the 3pm Interrogation covered-up...Kinaski has also quoted Gilbride's reference to Secret Service Agent Kelley asking Oswald if he watched the motorcade and Oswald answered no he had not...Yet another example of Sean Murphy ignoring evidence that refuted Prayer Man being Oswald...If I were Murphy I would disappear too...Murphy is now equal to "Fetzer", "Cinque", or even "Kamp"...

Nice to know that because of that asshole Gordon people are now stealing my material uncredited...And doing so in a way that doesn't translate its best impact...And doing so in a way that gives UK moderation credit it doesn't deserve...

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