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How many wallets were found that were supposed to belong to LHO?
There was the one he left with Marina and did not take to work that morning. And there was one found near the scene of the Tippit murder. And the one found on LHO's person in the police car after he was arrested at the Texas Theater. Any more? Was there one found at the rooming house?
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Doesn't everyone have three at one time on them?! These damn conspiracy theorists :nono:
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Jim DiEugenio dubs Oswald The Man With Three Wallets. His two-paragraph discussion of the plight of Bugliosi and the Original Framers appears in Section III Part 2 of his ctka review of the Bugliosi tome:

Bugliosi, as he usually does, dismisses the now unmarked shells as an issue that cannot be resolved. He then adds "but such unresolvable points are common in the investigation of a complex, multifaceted murder investigation." (EN p. 453) (Yet, elsewhere and in person, he insists the Kennedy case is a simple one.) From here, he goes on to relate what he calls another such mystery started by FBI agent James Hosty in his book Assignment: Oswald. Hosty wrote that after Tippit's body was taken away by ambulance, Captain Westbrook found a man's wallet near the pool of blood where Tippit's body had been. (ibid) The wallet was Oswald's. This seriously conflicts with the official story which has the DPD taking Oswald's wallet from him on the ride from his arrest at the Texas Theater to City Hall. There is even film of this incident made by TV station WFAA. Westbrook told FBI agent Bob Barrett that the identification was for a Lee Harvey Oswald and Alek Hidell. In the film, there are three men handling the wallet. Bugliosi tries to save the day by ending his three page discussion with the conclusion that in spite of the witness testimony to the contrary, it was Tippit's wallet, not Oswald's. (ibid p. 456) Here's the problem with this desperate hypothesis. At 2:00 PM that afternoon, three police officers went to Methodist Hospital to recover Tippit's effects. There were placed in an envelope and taken to DPD headquarters where they were checked in at the Identification Bureau at 3:25 PM. One of the effects was Tippit's wallet. (Dallas Municipal Archives, Box 9, Folder 1, Item 17; Armstrong, p. 871) Incredibly, Bugliosi dismisses this fact. Even though the only item carried to the hospital was Tippit's handgun, he says that someone may have brought his wallet from the scene to the hospital. Even though the only wallet picked up was the one with Oswald's ID.

But as desperate as he is to escape this "too many wallets" dilemma, he cannot. Why? Because if you look at the Warren Report, (p. 15), you will see that Oswald supposedly left his wallet in a dresser drawer at the Paine's the morning of the assassination. That makes three wallets. Predictably, Bugliosi does not mention this fact in his discussion of the issue. Therefore he does not have to address the troubling evidentiary point that even if he is totally unjustified in transforming the Oswald/Hidell wallet into Tippit's, that still leaves an extra wallet to explain. And he doesn't.

1. Wallet by Tippit blood pool;

2. Wallet taken from Oswald on ride from Texas Theater to City Hall;

3. Wallet left in dresser drawer at Paines.

Too many gun bags; too many wallets; and, as Yates in Unspeakable 351-4 found, too many Lees bearing curtain rods.

Redundancy in evidence tampering: how lone-nutters make the case for conspiracy.
" Too many Lees bearing curtain rods.... "
Is that like too many "Greeks bearing gifts"?
"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws. - Mayer Rothschild
"Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience! People are obedient in the face of poverty, starvation, stupidity, war, and cruelty. Our problem is that grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem!" - Howard Zinn
"If there is no struggle there is no progress. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and never will" - Frederick Douglass
The Von Pein troll handle on Amazon "SV Anderson" said:

Quote:The truth behind the "multiple wallets" red herring.

1. The allegation that Oswald's wallet was found at the Tippit murder scene first appeared in Assignment Oswald (Arcade Publishing, 1997), a book by former Dallas FBI agent James P. Hosty, Jr. Film footage taken at the Tippit scene on the afternoon of November 22nd showed officers handling a wallet.

2. FBI agent Robert M. Barrett observed Dallas police handling a wallet at the Tippit murder scene shortly before Oswald's arrest at the Texas Theater six blocks away. Television news footage shot at the scene supports this basic fact.

3. Fifteen years later, while having dinner with fellow agent James Hosty, Barrett recalled that Dallas police Captain W.R. Westbrook asked him at the Tippit scene whether he knew a "Lee Harvey Oswald" or an "Alek Hidell?" While Barrett ASSUMED the names were taken from identification in the wallet, he NEVER saw the identification or handled the wallet (did you get this part Arguile?)

4. Despite Barrett's credibility on a wide variety of assassination related details, his recollection about what Westbrook asked him at the scene runs counter to the official (and well-documented) version of events which reveals that Oswald's wallet was removed from his own pant's pocket immediately AFTER his arrest at the Texas Theater. Identification cards with the names "Oswald" and "Hidell" were subsequently found in Oswald's arrest wallet.

5. A comparison of the wallet filmed at the Tippit murder scene by WFAA-TV cameraman Ron Reiland and the wallet removed from Oswald's pocket after his arrest, shows the two wallets to be similar in style, but not identical. When you boil it all down, the only thing connecting Oswald to the wallet filmed at the Tippit shooting scene is Barrett's RECOLLECTION that Captain Westbrook asked him about the names "Oswald" and "Hidell" WHILE Barrett was at the scene.

6. It is much more likely that Barrett was asked the questions about the names Oswald and Hidell BACK at City Hall AFTER Oswald's arrest, and NOT at the scene of Tippit's murder. Conspiracy critics have since taken the facts and spun them into a series of distortions and half-truths that have transformed the wallet filmed by WFAA-TV as a "plant," left behind at the murder scene by Tippit's "real killer" in order to frame Oswald.

7. As I have previously written many times, the suggestion of an Oswald frame-up is preposterous and flies in the face of an avalanche of indisputable facts that prove beyond any reasonable doubt that Oswald murdered Tippit. One of the principle reasons that the frame-up theory defies belief, is the fact that not one word - I repeat, not one single word - about Oswald's wallet being found at the Tippit murder scene was ever published in the newspapers or broadcast on radio or television at the time of the killing even though there were several radio and television reporters at the scene that afternoon. What about that omission Arguile? Were the television and radio reporters IN on the conspiracy also and they intentionally kept quiet on this little tidbit?

8. Does any sane person seriously believe that the discovery of Oswald's wallet at the Tippit shooting scene would NOT have been front page news, broadcast around the world by late Friday afternoon, had his wallet actually been found there? In fact the only reason this story is worth one second of any serious attention is the reputation of the man making the allegation - former FBI agent Robert M. Barrett.

9. It is relatively easy to see how the chaotic circumstances surrounding this episode might have led to the creation of a FALSE memory. For instance, consider these four facts:
a. There was a wallet in police hands at the shooting scene; the television news film is proof of that much. But whose wallet was it? More than likely it was Tippit's wallet. Television news cameraman Ron Reiland, who filmed the wallet, reported it as Tippit's wallet on the day of the shooting. NO reporter stated that it belonged to Lee Harvey Oswald. Not one. Even though conspiracy nuts would LOVE to believe that a second wallet had been planted there.
b. Barrett acknowledged that he NEVER handled the wallet and NEVER held or saw the identification in it. His belief that the wallet at the scene contained identification in the names "Lee Harvey Oswald" and "Alek Hidell" is based entirely on his recollection that Captain Westbrook asked him about those names while at the scene.
c. Barrett did come into contact with Westbrook at Dallas Police Headquarters following Oswald's arrest. By then, Oswald's wallet had been removed from his pocket and the identification cards in the names "Lee Harvey Oswald" and "Alek Hidell" discovered by police. Westbrook was known to have seen the identification before running into Barrett in the hallway.
d. Barrett, who had a reputation for writing highly detailed after-action reports, containing details other FBI agents wouldn't bother to have included, didn't mention anything about police finding Oswald's wallet at the Tippit shooting scene in the report he filed that day, and again failed to mention it when he had the opportunity a decade later while testifying about his activities on November 22.

I think SV is trying to assert that Westbrook saw a wallet laying next to Tippit at the murder scene but never looked into it to examine its contents. You can see the shameless level of dishonesty deniers will stoop to in this obviously contrived excuse-making to get around the obvious. SV is kind of a sloppy dummy because if he was smart he'd realize his contention that Westbrook asked FBI officer Barrett if he ever heard of "Alek Hidell" at the Tippit murder scene was impossible according to the information they had at that time. The knowledge of "Alek Hidell" is something that could have only come from looking in Oswald's wallet and seeing his fake ID's. It's fun seeing a lying denier get caught in his own sticky spiderweb of denial.
S V has his copy of "With Malice " at his bedside. Myers tries the same rounded argument.
It doesn't wash...even with wonderful photo's... to many...with Hidell all over it.
Deniers try to schmooze Barrett's insistence that he saw Oswald's ID's and wallet at the Tippit scene into Barrett mentioning it later on at the police station. That's what they do. They aren't afraid to impose outrageous assumption over obvious fact. What SV attempts above is to say there was a wallet laying on the street next to where Tippit was shot but none of the arriving officers took a look at its contents. What these connivers fail to explain is exactly how Tippit's wallet could fly out of his back pocket as he went to confront the man he was talking to. People like SV get so caught up in their lies they fail to realize that for Westbrook to mention the name "Alek Hidell" at the Tippit scene would mean he had to have looked in the wallet because at that point in time there was no means by which Westbrook could have known about that name except for Oswald's wallet and its fake ID's. I think our ghoulish prevaricator realizes this so he tries to push the mention of Hidell over to the police station.

Never once do these people admit that these multiple wallets popping-up conforms exactly to a doubles operation where Oswald was being set-up.

Nor do they admit the post-controversy over this is the sign of FBI blatantly covering-up yet another case of incriminating evidence.
Not being facetious, but i think there were 4, groan, jack is the expert on the wallets, and it seems to me there was mention of a fourth some time ago from him,,jack if around would you please clarify for me.....there cannot be one of anything in this research, just not possible, pull on any string and just watch.......thanks b..

below photo of wallet being checked at the Tippet scene..posted long time ago by jack...:lol:

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The story of the murder of Dallas police officer J. D. Tippit on November 22, 1963, took an unexpected twist this past year.A local TV newscast showed footage taken by the local ABC affiliate WFAA on that date more than 50 years ago. In the film Dallas police captain Pinky Westbrook can be seen handling a wallet at the scene of Tippit's murder. It appears to be the wallet of the accused assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald.
What makes the film footage remarkable is that for 50 years, authorities have said that the wallet was not found until about an hour later when Dallas police detective Paul Bentley removed the wallet from Oswald's back pocket shortly after taking him into custody at the Texas Theatre, several blocks away from where Tippit was gunned down.
FBI agent Bob Barrett, who was at the scene of Tippit's murder and is still alive, now calls Paul Bentley's story "hogwash".
The wallet is important because its contents connected Oswald to the guns used in the murder of President Kennedy and Officer Tippit.
The WFAA story
The WFAA story last fall said that the wallet mystery had been "settled." Report Jason Whitley interviewed retired FBI analyst Farris Rookstool who conducted an investigation of the two wallet stories. Rookstool concluded that the wallet seen in the 1963 footage is an exact match with the Oswald wallet now at the National Archives in College Park Maryland.
Rookstool shows that the circular snaps, metal strips, and a zipper over the cash compartment are identical in both instances.
Rookstool says the wallet proves that Oswald killed Officer Tippit about 49 minutes after President Kennedy was shot and killed in downtown Dallas a mile and half away.
There's another possibility: The wallet was planted at the Tippit murder scene.
Who found the wallet? And when did they find it?
Here's the story insofar as it is known.
The first officer on the Tippit murder scene was Dallas Police Sergeant Kenneth H. Croy, who arrived as the ambulance was picking up Tippit's body. Croy told an interviewer that an unknown man handed him Oswald's wallet right after his arrival. The witnesses who preceded Croy at the crime scene were adamant that no one dropped a wallet anywhere in the vicinity.
The wallet wound up in the hands of Captain Pinky Westbrook. FBI agent Bob Barrett recalled that Westbrook turned to him at the scene and asked, You ever heard of a Lee Harvey Oswald?' I said, No, I never have.' He said How about an Alek Hidell?' I said, No. I never have heard of him either,'" Barrett explained.
"Why would they be asking me questions about Oswald and Hidell if it wasn't in that wallet?"
Why does the wallet matter?
The wallet contained what is the only known instance of Oswald carrying identification under the alias of "Alek Hidell." The two sets of identification cards found in the wallet are key evidence in the JFK case.
Kennedy was killed on Friday Nov. 22. By the next day, it was worldwide news that the rifle that was used in the shooting of President Kennedy was purchased by mail order with a postal money order made out by "A. Hidell" and listing Oswald's PO box as the place for pick-up.
Oswald and "Hidell" were now tied by the rifle and the wallet to JFK's murder, less than two hours after the event.
"Why would they be asking me questions about Oswald and Hidell if it wasn't in that wallet?"
In custody, Oswald denied that he was the owner of the rifle found at the Texas School Book Depository where he worked and where several people saw one and possibly two gunmen. The gun had been ordered in the name of "Hiddel."
For the FBI man, Barrett said the wallet made the case against Oswald a "slam dunk."
Yet the Dallas authorities never wrote a report about any wallet found at the Tippit murder scene. Perhaps that was oversight. Perhaps not.
FBI Man: Dallas cop lied
After 50 years, an FBI agent on the scene believes that the Dallas officer who brought Oswald to the police station is lying about finding the wallet in Oswald's possession.
Barrett attacked Bentley's claim that he found Oswald's wallet for the first time in a WFAA news story last November. "They said they took the wallet out of his pocket in the car? That's so much hogwash. That wallet was in (Captain) Westbrook's hand."
Why did Barrett wait 50 years to accuse Bentley of lying and obstruction of justice?
It was not a fight he cared to pick. Bentley had been Dallas's chief polygraph examiner during 1963. It would have been professionally hazardous for Barrett to challenge Bentley before his death in 2008.
So what does the story of the wallet tell us?
It was not public knowledge that Oswald's wallet was found at the Tippit murder scene until 1996. FBI agent Jim Hosty, who had responsibility for watching Oswald, wrote that a wallet containing identification for both Oswald and "Alek Hidell" was found near a pool of blood. Again, no witness ever saw the wallet on the ground. A second witness, patrolman Leonard Jez, told a conference in 1999 that the wallet was identified at the murder scene as belonging to Oswald.
Rookstool told WFAA that the testimony of Barrett and Croy, Tippit's billfold, and the WFAA film prove that Oswald's wallet was at the scene of the policeman's murder.
Rookstool's finding is contested by researcher Dale Myers. On his website, Myers argues that the wallet seen on the videotape is thinner and has a straight flap rather than the rounded flap of the arrest wallet. Whether Myers's contention is correct or not, Myers has also spent years publicizing Barrett's story that the wallet at the murder scene contained identification for both Lee Harvey Oswald and Alek Hidell.
The best evidence indicates that an unknown person brought Lee Harvey Oswald's wallet to the scene of Tippit's murder.
[Image: Oswalds-wallet.jpg]Seen at the crime: Dallas police officers handling Lee Oswald's wallet at the scene of the murder of Dallas police officer J.D. Tippit.

MORE: See Joseph McBride's book Into the Nightmare and my own research in Chapters 6-7 of State Secret.
"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws. - Mayer Rothschild
"Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience! People are obedient in the face of poverty, starvation, stupidity, war, and cruelty. Our problem is that grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem!" - Howard Zinn
"If there is no struggle there is no progress. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and never will" - Frederick Douglass
What I see in the TV footage is at least 2 uniformed DPD officers completely ignoring standard police evidence gathering policies and staging a video-bite for the cameras. Even the newest beat cop knows (and would have known back then too) you don't put your own prints all over the evidence. It makes far more sense that Bentley's WC testimony (that the wallet was recovered after the arrest) was a fabricated story intended to preserve the evidentiary value of the wallet, than all the stories of multiple wallets. I was glad to see JD Tippet's widow finally put the lie to the deception that the wallet was Tippet's. A fellow beat cop would not have handled his slain brother-in-arms' possessions with such casual disregard, nor would they have needed the wallet to identify Tippet.

So now we have Mr. Unknown Man both providing a description of Oswald as the shooter to DPD, broadcast prior to Howard Brennan's tale, and then Mr. Unknown Man hands DPD Oswald's wallet (complete with the fake ID tying Oswald to the assassination gun) at the scene of Tippet's murder. It's a fair bet that Mr. Man wasn't himself the shooter on either occasion, in that Mr. Man would have been spotted by Truly and Baker escaping the TSBD, or identified as the Tippet shooter by the hysterical eyewitnesses still at the scene when Croy arrives. But Mr. Unknown Man sure has given DPD a lot of its evidence.

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