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Prayer Woman Facebook

I'm linking my Facebook Prayer Woman page so people can see my good evidence. The public cannot see my Bear Pit posts because they are restricted to members only. This is only fair in the name of good research and fairness and can solve the Prayer Man posting issue here:
For anyone who is interested I have just checkmated Stancak finally and irrefutably and in short, easy-to-understand language and evidence. It is in the Bear Pit here and on my Prayer Woman Facebook page linked in the previous post. On the Prayer Woman Facebook page it is the first post.

Since Gordon has banned the one person who can disprove Stancak while the others don't notice the fatal mistake he just made, I would appreciate it if someone could make the short 1 paragraph argument I just made that finally settles the issue once and for all on the Education Forum in the spirit of fair discourse...

If there is anyone out there who is still interested in intelligent analysis finally destroying the Murphy Prayer Man theory I ask they read my last post on my Facebook Prayer Woman page. It irrefutably debunks Stancak.

This very smart slam dunk argument will probably be ignored, but that doesn't mean it doesn't finally debunk Stancak - which it does:

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