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Inside the ARRB Jim DiEugenio
New article by Jim D.

Dawn Meredith Wrote:New article by Jim D.


As with all of Jim's reviews this is so comprehensive one almost does not have to read the book. I too would have liked a more in depth look at the anti--conspiracy stance of the members. And some analysis as to how they were chosen.
Here is Doug Horne on Black Op Radio re ARRB:

From Jim's review, it appeared Executive Director David Marwell was smitten with Gerald Posner.

On Black Op, Horne indicates Board Chair Jack Tunheim is another squish, viz. Tunheim protecting Secret Service from consequences of its having destroyed records.

I find Horne continually illuminating, the Springer admission leads us to recall Pitzer--but Horne on 1205 indicates Suydam was the following month.

Some speak out, but "they don't last long."

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