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A review of Citizen Lane by Jim DiEugenio
I am sorry I did not read this book earlier. It is splendid.

I am really sorry I did not read it before I wrote my eulogy.

Because, in retrospect, that does not do Lane justice.

What a career. Please read this book. It is inspiring.
Probably the only thing that kept Lane from getting killed was the big spotlight that was on him. Perhaps Lane could have pushed harder but wasn't suicidal.
The reason I wrote this was because I wanted everyone to know about Lane's startling career outside the JFK case.

There is some interesting stuff in the book about JFK.

But he deliberately minimizes it in order to talk about things he did besides that.

I am glad he did.

What an incredible career he had: Wounded Knee, Jonestown, Vietnam,the Buckley lawsuit etc.

I recommend everyone get this book.
Thanks, Jim. I didn't read it either, but I'll try to get around to it now (as I stumble over a stack of books I'm still trying to get through).
I understand, but really this book is an inspiration.

It shows us how valuable Lane was in an all around way.

And that should benefit our cause.

I could not find any MSM review of the book after the Kirkus Review came out praising it.

I understand why now.

And boy does he nail Sheehan, and along with him, Darth Vader, John McAdams.

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